20th Feb2020

‘Gwen Stacy #1’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Christos Gage | Art by Todd Nauck | Published by Marvel Comics I was always a Gwen Stacy guy. Sure, Mary Jane had all the great one liners and looked spectacular, but Gwen had the class and grace. Gwen also features heavily in one of the most notorious events in Spider-Man’s history (spoiler […]

17th May2016

First look at ‘Civil War II: The Amazing Spider-Man #1’

by Phil Wheat

The drums of war beat in the Marvel Universe, and its heroes must choose a side. Caught between two friends, who will Peter Parker stand with? The battle lines are drawn for the wallcrawler this June in Civil War II: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 – a new series from writer Christos Gage and artist Travel […]