24th Apr2023

‘Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker’ VOD Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Paula Brasca, Marie Ruane, Sophia Davey, Cassandra Magrath, Michael Lorz | Directed by Charly Goitia, Ryan J. Thomson, Lorcan Finnegan, Nathan Crooker, Adam O’Brien, Mia’Kate Russell, David M. Night Maire Based on a concept by Michael Kraetzer, Nightmare Radio: The Night Stalker is an anthology feature assembled from short films released as early as […]

07th Jun2022

‘The Spy Who Never Dies’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Paul O’Brien, Georgia Walters, Kristy Wordsworth, Teressa Liane, Hafedh Dakhlaoui, Cassandra Magrath, Amy Christian, Natasha Maymon, Amir Aizenstros, Josh Karlik, Luke Davis, Igor Bulanov | Written and Directed by Corey Pearson Written and directed by Corey Pearson, The Spy Who Never Dies is a quirky action rom-com about an international spy named Brad (Paul […]

17th Sep2021

‘Witches of Blackwood’ Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Cassandra Magrath, John Voce, Nicholas Denton, Nikola Dubois, Lee Mason | Written by Darren Markey | Directed by Kate Whitbread Filmed and released in its native Australia as The Unlit, Witches of Blackwood is a slow-burning tale of family secrets and dark heritages. How does writer Darren Markey and director Kate Whitbread’s (Surviving Georgia) […]