10th Nov2023

100 Word Hits – Retro Comic Reviews #23

by Guest

Welcome to the reboot of our regular 100 Word Hits column, in association with comics retailer The Unreality Store, in which Matthew De Monti brings us short, sharp reviews of the RETRO comic books in one hundred words. Comics from all eras and all publishers, including Marvel, DC, indies, superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns and much more!

In this episode, Matt discusses Marvel Comics’ Howard The Duck Annual #1 from writer Steve Gerber and penciller Val Mayerik.

Howard the Duck is the ultimate hero in his first annual issue! Howard must save his roommates and friends from an evil plot by Roxxon Oil. Set in the mystical world of Arabia, this comic is chock full of genies, magic carpets, sultans…and thieves!


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