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‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Jul 20th 2023)

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to this week’s review of Impact Wrestling, which this week opens with a Before the Impact match that saw Alan Angels defeat Crazzy Steve. Let’s get into the review…

Match #1: Rich Swann & Sami Callihan def. The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch)

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Callihan launches Swann into a springboard crossbody on Hotch. The fight spills to the outside where Hotch bounces back with a step-up Moonsault to both of his opponents. The Good Hands gain the momentary advantage until Swann creates separation with a double dropkick out of the corner. Swann makes the tag to Callihan, who enters the match with a burst of speed. Callihan spikes Hotch with the Death Valley Driver but Skyler breaks up the pin. Swann and Callihan connect with innovative offense on Hotch to score the victory.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

Match #2: Jake Something def. Kevin Knight

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Following his return in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary, Jake Something competes on IMPACT! for the first time in over a year. Jake displays his incredible strength early on as he wipes out Knight in mid -air. Jake hits a big powerslam for two. Both men exchange strikes with Jake gaining the upper-hand following a series of chops. Knight bounces back with a springboard dropkick, followed by a crossbody to the outside. Knight hits a running clothesline, followed by a twisting splash for a near fall of his own. Knight leaps up the top rope but Jake counters into a thunderous super sit-down powerbomb. Knight creates separation with an innovative dropkick, then soars with a top rope crossbody. Knight can’t put Jake away as the tide turns once again. Jake connects with Into the Void to win.

My Score: 3 out of 5

Match #3: Courtney Rush def. Savannah Evans

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After Jody Threat and the Death Dollz defeated Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal on Countdown to Slammiversary, Evans seeks vengeance on Courtney Rush in singles action. Shaw distracts the referee from ringside, allowing Vidal to get involved. Evans capitalizes with a big splash to Rush in the corner. Evans continues the assault with a leg drop for two. Rush tries to fight back but Evans shuts her momentum down with a Spinebuster out of the corner. Shaw provides another distraction for her partner and Jessicka has had enough as she neutralizes Shaw at ringside. Jody Threat appears at ringside and does the same to Vidal as she carries him out of the IMPACT Zone on her shoulder. Rush spears Evans to score the victory.

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #4: Dirty Dango def. Santino Marella

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Santino Marella finally gets his hands on Dirty Dango in this highly-anticipated grudge match. Marella looks to prove that he’s not a “one tricky pony” as Dango called him, locking in an armbar in the early going. Dango fights free but Marella transitions into a leg lock instead. The pace quickens as Marella hits a series of arm drags. Dango retreats to the outside, then hangs up Marella on the ropes to slow things down. Marella goes low on Dango as the referee shows some leniency. Dango hits a strong Irish whip into the corner turnbuckles. Dango crashes and burns on high-risk offense. A mystery man in riot gear appears on the apron. Dango pushes Marella head-first into his helmet and scores the three count.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

Match #5: IMPACT World Tag Team Championship – SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) def. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

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ABC receive their contractually-obligated rematch against SUBCULTURE for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. Morgan hits Austin with a springboard crossbody to the outside. Austin is quickly thrown back into the ring where he’s caught with a Northern Lights suplex from Andrews. Austin hits an Enzuigiri to the back of Morgan’s head, creating separation and allowing him to make the tag to Bey. The pace quickens as Bey goes on the attack. Bey spikes Andrews with a Brainbuster for two. Morgan is held up in ABC’s corner before they take him down with double team offense for two. Andrews prevents the assisted Art of Finesse on his partner by kicking Austin in the back of the head. SUBCULTURE almost put Bey away with the Blitz Knee Bop but Austin breaks the pin attempt. Bey soars over the top rope, crashing into both members of SUBCULTURE on the floor. Webster denies ABC on the 1, 2 Sweet. Andrews hits Bey with Stundog Millionaire and everyone is down. The Rascalz appear at ringside as Zachary Wentz distracts the referee, allowing Trey Miguel to wipe out Austin. Andrews traps Bey in a pinning predicament to score the pinfall victory.

My Score: 4 out of 5

Final Verdict: 3/5

This was the typical Impact post-Slammiversary show, with a rematch, feuds set-up and a LOT of talking. Like a lot… Yes, the folks at Impact did their usual thing of ending the show – post-the amazing tag team championship match – with wrestler after wrestler coming out to chat sh*t. OK, OK, I get it, Josh Alexander is back and Lio Rush apparently wants to cash in his title for a title shot… blah blah blah. You can tell these stories in better ways instead of spending the entire latter part of your show with people talking in the ring. I would’ve scored this week’s show lower, but the aforementioned tag match absolutely killed it this week… and the returning Jake Something showed what Impact’s been missing without him in his match too!


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