20th Jul2023

‘Boon’ VOD Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Neal McDonough, Christiane Seidel, Tommy Flanagan, Jason Scott Lee, James Madio, Demetrius Grosse, Christina Ochoa | Written by Derek Presley, Neal McDonough | Directed by Derek Presley

A prolific killer who regularly wears a fetching hat, Nick Boon (Neal McDonough) is introduced entering a diner, as the unassuming image contrasts with an informant’s fear-laden monologue of the enforcer’s fearsome nature. Having relocated to a remote area to try and atone for his past sins, Boon also tries evading contract killers that are after him. After an early shootout leaves him wounded, he is tended to by Catherine (Christiane Seidel).

The killer soon becomes drawn into the local preacher’s issues, as the struggling widow and her son live in fear of criminal kingpin Mr. Fitzgerald (Tommy Flanagan). After an encounter with the kingpin’s predatory henchman, Boon becomes determined to protect the family by doing what he does best: killing.

Working off a screenplay he co-wrote with McDonough, director Derek Presley crafts a follow-up to 2021’s crime thriller, Red Stone which sees Boon trying to find redemption by saving this family, trapped in debt due to a past tragedy, from an onslaught coming their way. Also included in the mix is government agent, Redd (Demetrius Grosse), pursuing Nick with great determination.

There was something about the titular character which brought back McDonough and Presley for another feature, although what that was is lost on this reviewer. The unfolding tale sees stiff performances trying to deliver heavy-handed dialogue, while working around scenes which feel utterly perfunctory. Matters become passable once it becomes a siege film yet, despite the title, this feature was not a boon to my day.

** 2/5

Boon is out now on digital platforms from 101 FIlms.


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