20th Jul2021

Movie Review Sites: Top 5 Ways to Get Insights and Feedback On Your Site

by James Smith

Movie review sites are a valuable source for insights and feedback for any filmmaker. So if you’re considering designing a movie review site, read on to find out the top 5 ways to get insights and feedback on your site.

Use Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to get insights and feedback on how your site is performing. The free analytics program offers information like traffic sources, overall page views, and demographics. You can also set up event tracking for certain actions you want people to take, such as filling out a contact form or signing up for an email list to see what percentage of visitors are completing your desired actions.

If you’re considering using an email list, it’d be wise to open a virtual address from physicaladdress.com to conveniently and safely send and open mail. People are going to the internet for product reviews more than ever, and you can use Google Analytics to see what people think of your website content and products without asking them directly. When someone leaves feedback on a blog post or video, it adds to their user profile so you’ll know their gender, age group, and location.

Pop Up Customer Survey

A pop-up survey is a quick and simple way to get feedback on your site. The best time to ask for this information is in the middle of an important part such as checkout, after filling out contact info or registering for updates. Your visitors will be less likely to abandon shopping carts or subscriptions if they feel like their input matters.

Use a Live Chat

If you have a blog or website, it can be challenging to get feedback on your site. You may need insights into what people are looking for and suggestions about how they might want to navigate what’s available. One way that you can gather this information is by using a live chat service. It’s pretty easy to use a live chat. Besides, it’s a time management technique that’ll boost engagement in the long run.

Set Up a Virtual Business Address

The first thing you need to do is find a virtual office address. This could be anywhere, but it’s best if it doesn’t have your actual name on the site and does not give away any personal information that would identify you or your location (such as your phone number). The second step is to register for an account with this virtual office address. Most virtual offices are set up to offer free packages, which you should take advantage of if possible. Once you register and receive a verification for the account, it’s time to start building your website page.

Run User Testing

User testing is essential for any website. When you’re building a site, there’s no better way than running tests with real people who can give you feedback and provide insights into your users’ experience. You’ll get data that will help shape the design of your site to make it easier and enjoyable to use. This is the best way to see how your site looks from a user’s perspective. You can also use run user testing to see how your site performs on different browsers, platforms, and devices.


The movie review site industry is a competitive market, with many sites vying for readers’ attention. Fortunately, the mentioned tips can help you garner insights for a high performing review site.

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