13th Aug2020

Ultimate Guide To Bingo Game Variations

by James Smith

Bingo has increased considerably in popularity over the years, especially online. While originally there were only a couple of games that you could play in a traditional bingo venue, now software providers have developed a lot more that you can choose from.

Also, while most bingo sites have wagering requirements attached to them there are also bingo websites with no wagering requirements which some players prefer and these still often have a wide variety of games available. Let’s take a look at the variety of games that you can find.

90 ball bingo

Arguably the most popular games that you can find, every bingo site usually has this as its main offering. Every ticket that a player buys has 15 numbers displayed on a 3×5 grid all ranging from one to 90. The aim of the game is to tick off as many numbers as possible, which is done automatically when one of your numbers is drawn. There are different prizes on offer and usually these will be awarded for getting one line, two lines and three lines (full house), which is the jackpot.

80 ball bingo

While it is usually harder to find bingo sites that feature 80 ball bingo games, it is still possible to play this. Every ticket has a grid that is made up of 16 squares and each column is a different color. The ultimate aim of the game is to tick off every number on your ticket. However, you can also get different prizes for certain achievements; one being for getting all four corners as well as a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

75 ball bingo

Perhaps more popular in the US, this bingo game is in the form of a 5×5 grid which has numbers that range from one to 75. Every column has letters at the top which spell out the word B-I-N-G-O and the aim of the game is to tick off all of the numbers on the grid.

30 ball bingo

This game is also known as ‘Speed Bingo’, because of how fast the game flows and is especially popular with players who want the game over quickly. Every ticket is presented as a 3×3 grid which has nine numbers all ranging from one to 30. Although the aim of the game is to tick off all of the numbers to win, some of the bigger bingo sites also offer prizes for getting one and two lines.

5 line bingo

This game originally hailed fom Sweden, though more and more bingo sites have started to offer this to players who are looking for more variety from their bingo experience. Functioning in the same way as 75 ball bingo (5×5 grid), it is also just as fast paced as 30 ball bingo. There are prizes on offer for achieving one, two, three and four lines as well as a full house.

52-5 bingo

Created by leading software provider Dragonfish, this bingo game is particularly unique. The reason for this is that it uses playing cards instead of bingo balls and as such the player receives cards with their tickets. Cards are called at random and the squares are ticked off accordingly when there is a match. The aim of the game is to cover all of the cards on the ticket to win.

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