12th Aug2020

Laurie Fortier joins the cast of western horror ’30 Seconds in Hell’

by Phil Wheat

Laurie Fortier (Unsolved, Hemlock Grove) has joined Michael Welch (Twilight), Richard Riehle (Casino), Stelio Savante (Running For Grace), Danny Winn (The Crossbreed) and Michelle Campbell (Modern Family) to round out the cast of writer-director Michael Anthony Giudicissi’s Western Horror film, 30 Seconds In Hell. The film is produced by Royd McCargish and executive produced by Michael Anthony Giudicissi

Summoned from the grave by the mysterious Ghost Rider and Destiny, the gunfighters of the OK Corral are brought to Destiny Saloon to answer for their crimes, sins, loves, and lives. They’re all here, back from the dead for one day to tell their side of the story. Earp, Holliday, Clanton, Claiborne, Behan, Marcus, and more. With the clock ticking no one will escape a final fight at the OK Corral and their date with Destiny.

30 Seconds In Hell will begin filming in New Mexico this fall, in compliance with SAG Covid rules.

Laurie Fortier


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