11th Aug2020

‘Other Space’ Review (Dust)

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Karan Soni, Bess Rous, Trace Beaulieu, Neil Casey, Eugene Cordero, Milana Vayntrub, Conor Leslie | Created by Paul Feig

Hey everybody, remember that time Yahoo decided to get into the streaming game? No? Oh right… Well back in the mid 2000s Yahoo decided they would join Netflix in the streaming realm and, well, nobody really knew or bothered to look or care. All I myself really remember was there was something to do with Community and how they lost a whole bunch of money and that pretty much killed it. Yeah that’s pretty vague and I could probably sit here and Yahoo it but… I don’t want to!

But… There was always that one show. That one show that only ever had one season on the platform. That one show that has been spoken about in hushed voices since it was first aired. A show that garnered some real love from critics and fans alike for its playful nature towards the sci-fi genre and wicked smart humor. A show that paved the way for Space Force, The Orville and Star Trek Discovery (okay, maybe NOT Discovery… that is a stretch). That show is Other Space.

Now, thanks to 0n-demand streaming service Dust you can re-watch the entire first season of Other Space and wonder how the hell this never made it past one season but, more importantly, who knew Dopinder from Deadpool could lead a TV show?!?

Other Space takes place in the year 2105 where a multi-national corporate coalition has created the Universal Mapping Project (UMP) to make scientific inquiries throughout the known universe. UMP officials give command of the Cruiser to the young and eager Stewart Lipinski for his first mission. Stewart’s older sister Karen is assigned to be his second-in-command, against both of their wishes.

Joining Stewart and Karen onboard the Cruiser is Stewart’s best friend Michael Newman, who is relegated to third-in-command instead of the second-in-command position he assumed he would receive. Stewart hires his unrequited love interest Tina Shukshin as the navigator of the ship due to his romantic feelings for her. Kent Woolworth, the son of UMP Chairwoman Helen Woolworth, is named science officer, which Kent acknowledges is the result of nepotism. Functions on the Cruiser are monitored by Natasha, the ship’s computer and former hospitality bot at a casino. The only experienced member of the crew is engineer Zalian Fletcher, whose cognitive functions have been impaired by prolonged exposure to radiation. Zalian is accompanied by his friend A.R.T., a robot stowaway living on the vessel.

This is one of those shows that I have long heard of, and known about, but not been able to get my hands on (gimme a break I am lazy) so when it came my way via the Dust app I was pretty excited to get into this one AND give it a review.

Before I get into the cast, I am just going to put it out there right now. I loved Other Space. With 8 episodes at about 30 minutes long each, I was able to run through the show in one sitting. I love sci-fi and I love when a well written show comes along that sticks its tongue in it’s cheek while respecting its audience. And that’s exactly what Other Space does. The cast is superb and Paul Feig created a great show here that I, genuinely, feel like had Yahoo not screwed the pooch on their service, we may have had a nice long run of this show.

As I mentioned up top Dopinder from Deadpool is the the man in the Captain’s chair and I have to say Karan Soni is just brilliant in the role. I thought I was going to be somewhat annoyed by him but his comic timing is second to none, striking the perfect balance of awkwardness and man in charge. Playing his sister and second in command Bess Rous is the simply brilliant as the hard core bitch with a heart. Next down the line would be the third in command and Captain’s best friend Micheal (Eugene Cordero), in a super dry and put upon role. He kills it all the way through. For me though Milana Vayntrub as Tina steals every single scene she is in, watch out for her in this show because – as good as the ensemble is – she is just absolutely THE best role and performance on the entire ship! Special shout out also to Conor Leslie as the ships computer Natasha who I love in Titans as Donna Prince.

Please do get yourself onto the Dust app and check out Other Space because hopefully if we all do then maybe we can get another series of this one. Paul Feig has said in previous interviews he would never say never and to be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing Karan Soni taking the lead on a long running show. Oh hell, I didn’t even mention the fact that we got an episode with Dave Franco guest starring!

Get Other Space watched people because it is a class show much better than, honestly, Orville.

2 Responses to “‘Other Space’ Review (Dust)”

  • Mr Bill

    Totally awesome show. It is one that never got the publicity that it deserved. Sorry there wont be a second season but watch the first and only season and you will Love it.