29th Jul2020

Podcast: The Best Superhero Movie You’ve NEVER Seen!

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to writer, director and actor Robb Wolford about his feature film The Crusaders #357: Experiment in Evil!

A battered wife leaves her husband to become a super hero in this comic book come to life complete with panels , page turns and old fashioned novelty ads. Taking the identity of Furie, Connie Ferrantti joins a team of working class masked avengers called The Crusaders. It isn’t long before she finds herself in conflict with their mysterious leader, The Ace of Spades. A one time hero of the golden age, The Ace of Spades is now walking a tightrope between good and evil. Can Furie save him from falling over the edge?

You can watch The Crusaders #357: Experiment in Evil! now on Amazon Prime Video


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