09th Jan2020

What to expect from Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’

by James Smith


One of the most anticipated movies right now is Army of the Dead, directed by Zack Snyder, who has worked on some of the most popular films of the decade including Justice League, Batman V Superman, Man of Steel and 300. He is a well established and a much sought after professional in the industry. Snyder has been on hiatus for a while because his latest and probably the most buzz-worthy film, Justice League got him into quite some trouble. The short version of the story is that midway through the film, Snyder had to leave the production and was replaced by the director that took the movie in a completely different direction. This has caused quite an outrage among the fans who are now demanding the release of the Snyder cut, and paying extra money to see this cut wherever it is available. Because of the hectic response, he has been on hiatus for a while but his first movies after his return is set to be the Army of the Dead.

The Zombie Phenomenon

Army of the Dead is a zombie movie. The phenomenon of zombie movies is quite intriguing because they have been around for decades and we’ve seen so many different variations of it. It is hard to put your finger on why exactly the Zombie theme has resonated with many people and why they enjoy this very specific horror element, but it’s clear that it is here to stay. Despite the fact that the zombie movies have been around for a while, in the last couple of years we saw a very dramatic rise in the Zombie Themed entertainment across industries. We got multiple zombie movies that were trying to break away from the trope of the zombie apocalypse, we’ve seen many zombie themes attractions, some of the best casino slot games are centered around the zombie themes and the same goes for online video games. The zombie theme is actually very popular in casino games and it has taken off, especially in slot machines, both offline and online. Many providers release zombie themes slots to attract different audiences and so far it has proven to be quite a popular theme. Since slot machines have so much versatility when it comes to choosing a theme for them, it’s actually perfect for using pop culture phenomenons like zombies to attract more players and keep them entertained by introducing these elements. The cultural phenomenon of the zombies is very present and has actually had a huge impact on contemporary western pop culture in general. But since it has been done so many times, sometimes it is hard to make something substantial out of it, to make it into something more than just a zombie movie and it seems like Snyder is attempting to do just that in with his latest movie.

The Plotline

What we know so far about the movie is that it is not necessarily a sequel to Snyder’s previous work, Dawn of the Dead which was Snyder’s remake of George A. Romeo’s movie of the same title. It is a movie that actually launched Snyder’s career so him going in the direction of Zombies actually makes a lot of sense. Although it has not yet been confirmed that the movie is a sequel to his previous work, we do know that it takes place in Las Vegas.

As mentioned earlier, it’s tough to make a zombie movie without it being a cliche. Las Vegas is actually one of the unexplored setups for the zombie movies so it will be interesting to see what unfolds in the entertainment capital of the United States. We do know that the movie will center around the zombie outbreak and it will also involve an epic heist. Snyder is combining a couple of genres here to make the movie more enjoyable to watch. This is an approach that we’ve seen before, for example with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and it has proven to be successful.

The cast of the movie is not fully known yet, but the one confirmed cast member is Dave Bautista, a former wrestler who transitioned into movie-making a couple of years ago. He is a fan favorite so his involvement in the movie will likely increase the hype around the Army of the Dead. Another rumored cast member is Nicolas Cage but no substantial proof of that has been released yet. The movie is set to be released this year, although the exact date is unknown. As the director, Zack Snyder himself pointed out, this film will be a nice palette cleanser for Snyder, after doing superhero movies for the year this will be a nice break for him that also honors his start as a filmmaker.


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