25th Nov2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #44 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of the The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and I fell down an elevator shaft that was going up real fast. Now, I look like Eraserhead. David Lynch might be thrilled, but it sure as hell pisses me off. At least I don’t have to stock up on hair gel any more. Okay, we have lots of wrestling to get to, thanks to TalkTech, which is great, but keeps patching me into the Canadian Missile Center. “T-Minus 10 until the nuking of Sweden, eh”. Yeah. That’s the way Canada has their nuclear arms program set-up. Maybe that’s Justin Trudeau’s contribution to the Canadian people? Right. Wrestling time, she comes. That’s Italian.


Best Moment:

The Sky’s The Limit (All Elite Wrestling) – Scorpio Sky got to beat Chris Jericho in Jericho’s first loss in AEW. It’s nice to see a major league put the effort into giving some-one different a shot at being in the spot-light. This was becoming a big angle that was ended a bit too early, but I would hope that Jericho losing to Sky is a sign that AEW has big plans for Sky.

Best Promo:

RVD’s Jacuzzi Games (Impact Wrestling) – Rob Van Dam cut an interesting promo where he was in a Jacuzzi with Katie Forbes and said that he would be back to wrestle, while he smacked Katie on the ass (if memory serves). This was shot well and performed just as such. RVD turning at this point in his career is a hard-sell, but it does work, thanks to his laid-back persona actually offering a bit more in the way of arrogance than it used to.

Best Speaker:

MJF (All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling) – This guy has really become something else, hasn’t he? MJF can fire off a barb with the best of them, which is some-thing that can really make you stand out in this day and age.

Best Character:

Bray Wyatt (World Wrestling Entertainment) – I’m not even sure what his character is anymore, but it’s sure as hell about as interesting as anything to come along in a long time.

Best Wrestler:

Tyler Bate (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Bate had a great match with Kassius Ohno and, while both men were responsible for the quality, Bate was just a force of nature that could not be denied.

Best Performance:

The North (Impact Wrestling) – This team defended their tag titles against Eddie Edwards and Naomichi Marufuji and put on a clinic. What a great surprise The North has been this year. Glad to have ‘em.

Best Move:

Jackhammer (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Keith Lee can really Jackhammer somebody, can’t he? It looked like it hurt like hell.

Best Match:

Tyler Bate versus Kassius Ohno (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This wound up being a magnificent battle between two people who really needed a great one to get them back in the mix, so to speak.

Best Card:

NXT (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This week’s NXT had all sorts of different matches on it that reached that high-quality benchmark we’re always talking about.

Best Show:

NXT UK (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This was a fantastic one-hour sprint that crammed a lot of top-notch wrestling in the sixty minutes.

Best League:

World Wrestling Entertainment – Hey, they beat All Elite Wrestling to the punch and took most of the awards. Who else should get the best league prize?

Final Verdict: 3.7/5

This was a slightly less exciting week, but it was still a good one.


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