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Your Detailed Guide to Pass Microsoft Exams and Earn MCSA: Web Applications Certification

by James Smith

Microsoft is a leading IT vendor which designs and provides IT products and solutions. Additionally, they offer numerous certifications for IT specialists. Among these credentials is the MCSA: Web Applications. Individuals who earn Microsoft certifications usually receive extra recognition from managers in charge of hiring and supervision. Additionally, certified professionals can greatly improve their practical skills. This article is designed for guiding individuals preparing for the MCSA: Web Applications certification. Here we will disclose some important details of this credential and take a look at one of the exams that must be passed to get certified.


How to obtain your Web Applications credential?

For a person to get certified in MCSA: Web Applications, he or she must pass either 70-483 + 70-486 or 70-480 + 70-486 exams. Holders of MCSA: Web Applications are qualified for positions such as Web Administrator and Web Developer, among others. These professionalscan receive an average pay of about $74,000 per annum as it is evident from the PayScale research. However, the salary may vary depending on the professional’s job role or experience.

If you want to be acquainted with all the important information regarding the MCSA: Web Applications certification and 70-483 exam, you need to read this article.

About Microsoft 70-483 certification exam

70-483 exam measures the theoretical as well as technical knowledge of an individual in the field of C# programming. Passing 70-483 test serves as a confirmation that an individual is capable of accomplishing tasks like the implementation of program flow, management of multithreading, enforcement of encapsulation, and management ofthe object life cycle. If you want to pass this test, you should also know how to perform I/O operations and application debugging.

Microsoft 70-483 certification exam goals

The main aim of this exam is to test one’s ability to accomplish various tasks related to the topics listed below:

  • Management of program flow
  • Creation and use of types
  • Debugging of applications and implementation of security
  • Implementation of Data Access

During the test, you are likely to encounter questions from each of the topics listed above. However, the number of questions tested from each topic may vary.

70-483 exam questions and format

The exam format is almost the same for all Microsoft certification exams. Some types of questions you may come acrossduring70-483 exam include short answer, multiple-choice, build list, drag-and-drop, and case studies. You can find around 50 questions in this exam which are usually expected to be completed within 120-150 minutes. You are required to have both theoretical and practical knowledge for you to pass the exam at your first attempt. The fee for 70-483 certification test is approximately $165.

Prerequisites of 70-483 exam

The individuals interested in sitting for 70-483 exam should possess at least one year of experience in C# programming as well as using various application types and software and hardware platforms. It is also recommended for you to know how to deal withevents, asynchronous programming, exceptions and errors, collections, arrays, variables, expressions, and operators.

Target audience of 70-483 exam

70-483 test is targeted at individuals who are experienced in the programming of the essential business logic using C#. Besides these individuals, computer science degree students who want to have a career in programming can apply for 70-483 test.

Office & Cloud Exams


Programming Core

Elective Exams

Why MCSA: Web Applications certification is helpful for your IT career

If you want to have a successful career in programming, then the MCSA: Web Applications certification is very important to you. This credential is valid throughout the world. When you earn the MCSA: Web Applications certification, you will be more effective in terms of performance compared to your workmates. You will also be among the first to be considered as a candidate for job interviews and promotions. For those running their businesses, the knowledge and skills they will gain from 70-483 exam preparation can help them serve their clients or customers better.

What kind of training resources do you require to pass 70-483 exam?

There are different kinds of C# programming training resources available online for those candidates who are waiting to appear for 70-483 certification exam. These resources can be in the form of VCE files, PDFs, books, and videolessons,among others. The following are some of the most trustworthy training resources for 70-483 test:

  • Five-day instructor-led training Programming in C# (20483B)
  • Microsoft Certification PREP Talk for 70-483 exam
  • Programming in C# -PrepAway training course for 70-483 exam

Utilize these training resources properly, and you will be able to score an excellent grade in Microsoft 70-483 exam. You can also supplement the knowledge acquired from the above training materials with the information contained in the exam dumps offered by PrepAway.com and other websites. Exam dumps consist of questions and verified answers for 70-483 test. They will improve your chances of attaining the pass mark in 70-483 exam.

Why use PrepAway resources to prepare for 70-483 exam

PrepAway is a famous websitewhich provides reliable revision tools for Microsoft tests like exam dumps, practice tests, and video tutorials. This website is known for offeringverifiedIT exam study materials which have the potential of helping students to attain the passing score in the tests at their first attempt. These study tools have been prepared by IT specialists who are highly knowledgeable in C# programming. Excel in 70-483 certification exam using PrepAway study resources!

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The MCSA: Web Applications certification is suitable for anyone who wants to further his or her career in programming. Microsoft 70-483 is among the two exams you need to pass to attain this credential. The demand for programmers is increasing with each passing day due to the digitization of almost every process in both small and big organizations. Get certified in Web Applications and earn a competitive advantage over your peers!

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