17th Sep2019

3 Top Slots With Gamification

by James Smith


Gamification is currently shaking the world of online gaming. It has been dubbed as one of the most upcoming trends in the business if iGaming. The concept behind the idea has been successful in developing innovative and pioneering video slots games which have been appointed as top ‘trending’ slots by the public. The fundamental backbone of gamification has been built upon a hard to argue concept of high quality gaming, delivering unique player experiences around the world. Need some background music to this praise? Check out the 3 top ranked slots designed and developed to reward players points and advances for completed levels, changing the way video slots players seek out rewards.

Viking Runecraft

As you can imagine, Viking Runecraft has been uniquely designed with the player’s preference in mind. This is a video slots game unlike any other, where players can enjoy different versions of the game based on which preferences they choose. Standing apart from other video slots, the game begins with different levels and players are greeted by Viking symbols, gods and reward systems. What really sets this Play ‘n Go video in a class of its own is the vibrant and unique layout of the slots game. Designed with a 7×7 reel layout and high definition graphics, it’s easy to lose the traditional video slots game feel, a welcoming turn of events for those seeking ‘gamified’ slots.

Steam Tower

NetEnt didn’t miss a beat when taking notes on gamification and the gaming software developer has managed to expertly deliver an incredibly different spin on video slots gaming. As the name hints at, Steam Tower has been designed on a steam punk theme expertly executed over the traditional 5 reels and 3 rows but with a mechanical twist. The steamed punk man next to the reels progresses from one level to the next. His eventual destination reaches a damsel in distress and upon rescuing the blonde beauty a slew of rewards ensue.

Theme Park: Tickets to Fortune

It may not be based on the 2019 movie Theme Park, but this creation has been based on a myriad of animated themes, all of which excel in and promote the world of gamification. When you’re good, you’re good; NetEnt once again has a hand in the creation of an independently created slots game offering a unique spin on things.
Jack enters the room, your world, where you get to sort through the mess and find out more about the game before Jack takes you on an adventure that begins in a broken wooden room. As he steps outside, he fixes the reels for you, upholding the unique element that gamification delivers. The reward system, the entire gameplay, and the outcome are best described as incredibly innovating and creative, something every gamer needs to see to believe.

Get on Board

Now that you have got the inside scoop on the 3 ‘most trending’ video slots, based on of their designs and dominating the fad of the industry, you can find a list here of video games which have adopted gamification and are changing the video slots industry.

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