06th Sep2019

‘Ed Gamble: Blood Sugar’ – Amazon Comedy Special Review

by Chris Cummings


Ed Gamble is a comedian that I’m admittedly unfamiliar with and this, his Amazon Prime Stand-up Special, Blood Sugar, is my first experience with his comedy. I do like to discover new comedians and see new stand-up shows, so I was easily interested in checking out Gamble’s new set.

Clad in an all-red outfit and with a kindly attitude and gentle demeanour, Gamble begins his set in a self-deprecating way, talking about his love of heavy metal yet his appearance not showing him as such. The title of the special, Blood Sugar, comes from him being diabetic, and his annoyance with being labeled as merely a “diabetic comedian”. The title of the show is worked well into the set and the way he talks about the illness and how bizarre of a thing the concept of “diabetic comedy” is, is really funny.

Painting himself as an awkward, clumsy, unfortunate man, Gamble’s style of comedy is easy to enjoy, his stories of suffering in various ways easy to laugh at. I had a lot of fun listening to the tales of silly adventures, from massages gone wrong to throwing out a “thumbs-up” instead of devil-horns as a metal gig, to weird emails.

It’s the type of comedy that anyone can sit down and enjoy. It isn’t brutal or angry, nor attempting to pull at controversial themes, instead using a more practical old-school approach. It wasn’t always great, and I didn’t always laugh, but I did find Gamble likeable and his energy sold his performance even further.

There’s an awkwardness to Gamble’s comedy that seems intentional but the audience don’t always seem to agree. His closing bit was a nice way to end the show and left me smiling. While not always nailing the routine, he certainly see’s his comedy through and ends up pulling laughter out of those watching. Fun and easy-going but not the most memorable comedy special I’ve seen. Pretty good.

*** 3/5

Ed Gamble: Blood Sugar is available on Amazon Prime Video now.


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