16th Aug2019

The Top 5 Best Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds

by James Smith


Internet dating is everywhere these days, and one of the most encouraging aspects of this sense of ubiquitousness is that there are sites for every possible taste, gender, sexual orientation or cultural background. The fact you can now adopt the convenience of getting together with other singles in the online environment has been ideal for one particular sub-culture: geeks and nerds. Of course, singles seeking someone who might be compatible because they share ‘geekish’ traits doesn’t have to visit an exclusively ‘geeky’ site, and might go somewhere like Flirt.com to sift through a more generic list of profiles. But for anyone from this social group looking to make the most of the diverse range of suitable matchmaking sites out there, here are five of the most favored.


What better way to get in touch with fellow geeks than signing up to a website which advertises as being best for hard-core gamers? Gamer dating is, as you would expect, one of the most popular dating sites out there, offering free basic membership which can be upgraded to either silver or gold quest status. Anyone who takes their gaming seriously will already have a strong handle on their social media platform, and gamer dating is a more specialized tier of this community, aiming to attract the attention of adults looking for love by getting them matched according to profile preferences.


Happn is extremely popular dating resource for geeks because it taps into that most basic human emotion of all when it comes to searching for a prospective partner: love at first sight. It is all about using the available technology to see if you can do a bit of detective work and find people who you may have crossed paths with, and who have made an impression. The way it works is that it uses a feed which relies on pinpointing the location of its users’ phone details, making it possible to list potential matches.


One common characteristic of geeks or nerds is they often have a long list of targets for their disaffection. While they might find it difficult to agree on aspects of life, they’ll often find much more intuitive to pinpoint the things they hate. This is where a lot of fun can come into the equation as daters give vent to their cynicism, outlining items which push their button.


Pheramor is surely one of the geekiest matching sites there is, and it should certainly appeal to chemistry or biology students. Without wishing to become too detached from the romantic aspect of finding an ideal partner, this site taps into the scientific evidence that love itself can be defined as a simple chemical reaction based on compatibility. This is to be found, not in anything as palpable as mutual tastes in films or music, but rather the basic DNA of prospective partners. If you’d like to be introduced to someone based on the evidence provided by their DNA swab, then allow chemistry itself to dictate who you are about to fall for.

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