06th Aug2019

Why play live casino online?

by James Smith

As the casino industry has grown, we have seen a number of developments and most of them are courtesy of advances in technology. While some people have a preference as to whether they visit a brick-and-mortar casino or log-in to the online equivalent – one thing is for sure, live casino brings the two together to create the best of both worlds. New to live casino? Don’t worry, we’ll reveal its advantages in this article.


Variety of games

Okay, so it’s a given that online you are more than likely to find more games than you would at a brick-and-mortar casino. Casinos will host a whole of games, ranging in stake, with traditional games alongside new and unique variations. You can find them all at your fingertips too, making it perfect for convenience. If you discover Betfair Blackjack, you’ll find multiple themed rooms, ranging from Venice to Monaco and Shanghai. If you want to bet the table minimum, you can; while if you wish to up the ante, there are high-stakes games available too. You’re sure to find the game for you online at a live casino.

Professional dealers and real-time interaction

If you like the social aspect of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino and enjoy engaging in conversation with your croupier, or fellow players, then a live casino is the option you may never have considered before. Live casino games use professional dealers, so you’ll physically watch someone shuffle and deal the cards, or spin the Roulette wheel – not like the automated software involved in a standard online casino. The dealers are friendly, welcoming new players to the games, and helpful, should you have a question. Similarly, you’ll be playing with and against real people. There will be a chat function for you to engage in conversation with them and who knows, you may make a new friend – or at least have someone to share tips and advice with.

The use of latest technology

When live casinos were first introduced, they were obviously in their early stages and there were a number of teething problems and difficulties. Fast-forward to today and there are no such issues – largely down to the advances in technology. Live casinos use the very best and latest technology to offer their customers an experience that feels as real as possible. This will include the use of multiple HD cameras to catch all the action, so you don’t miss a thing. For example, in live Roulette, there will be at least three cameras: one for the table, one for the wheel and one for the picture in picture display.

Another massive part of live casino is the Game Control Unit (GCU) and it’s the most important component of live casino – without it the games would not be able to be broadcast. This item is very small, shoebox-size and it basically ensures that the video is being shown. Dependent on how good your internet connection is, you’ll more than likely be able to change the quality of the feed – so if your connection isn’t as good, you can broadcast in a lesser quality to ensure the feed is clear enough and uninterrupted.

Offers and promotions galore

Much like standard online casinos, offers and promotions are a sure-fire way of getting new players on board, while rewarding those customers who are the most loyal. Whether it’s a daily bonus, a week-long promotion or a weekend-only special offer, be sure to check back to see what the latest deals are. In some cases, you may be rewarded free spins at Roulette; while in other cases, you may have to deposit a certain amount of funds, which are matched by the casino. There may also be tournaments and other prizes up for grabs.

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