01st Aug2019

Interview with Spenning.com – The Best Casino Movies

by James Smith


Casino movies are some of the biggest hits at the box office. Data from boxofficemojo.com reveals that the three movies in The Hangover series have taken more than $1.4 billion (USD) at cinemas globally. Meanwhile, the seminal Casino, the Martin Scorsese movie with Robert De Niro, is one of the most critically acclaimed films from both men’s careers.

The success of these films was no accident; they took hard work and talent to make. They also had to compete against dozens of other casino movies. But what made them so great?

Why The Hangover is One of the Best Casino Movies

Online casino review site, spenning.com, which compares the best online casinos, online bookmakers and poker sites, knows a great deal about casino movies. We sat down with the site to ask them what makes a great casino movie, and they pointed out the elements of The Hangover as leading examples.

It’s not easy for casino movies to offer suspense and humour. Gaming can be incredibly serious and with so much money potentially on offer, many movies only look at the business side of casinos without spending much time on all the fun that players can have! The Hangover is also a great movie for all of its memorable scenes, such as the song to the tiger, or Mike Tyson being angry at the group of friends. These made The Hangover an important part of pop culture as people discussed it and enjoyed it years after release.

What Makes a Good Casino Movie?

Wherever you enjoy casino games, they are about having fun together. Casino games are brilliant when you can share your excitement with other players, or when you win a game of poker against a group of other players, or when you guess the correct number on a roulette wheel and take home a jackpot that everyone wanted.

A good casino movie is a movie that offers just that. The characters in the film may not be friends, but the chemistry between the actors is important because the community and togetherness of casinos is important. Creating that chemistry is difficult and nycasting.com explains that while doing research on an actor can help, sometimes actors simply get along or they don’t. 

Are There Any Big Casino Movies Coming Out?

There aren’t any major casino movies coming out, but casino players and movie fans do have some great events coming up. One of these is the Saints Row movie. An article by comingsoon.net says that video game series Saints Row now has a director and while the series isn’t about a casino, it does feature casinos and some of the film’s big scenes could potentially happen there.

In May 2019, Secret Cinema also launched a Casino Royale experience, which allows fans to tour locations of the James Bond film. Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale will also let people pretend to be a spy for a day.

It’s difficult to create a good casino movie, which is probably why they aren’t released that often. However, as we’ve seen, there are a few entertaining casino movies available to watch online.

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