18th Jun2019

Online Casino Technology: The Tech that makes Casinos Tick

by James Smith


Online casinos just seem to get better and better don’t they? With each new casino come better graphics, better sound effects, better security, better payments systems and most importantly, better games. And it’s not just the new casinos; the veterans undergo regular updates in order to stay at the top of their game.

The technology that drives these incredible gaming platforms moves swiftly with the times and any casino worth its salt moves with it. Today we’re going to take a look behind the scenes to see what tech is making these incredible gaming platforms tick.

SSL Encryption

The most important element of an online casino is security. Every casino must ensure their players financial and personal data is protected because if they fail to do so, their players will run a mile. Online casinos got a lot of stick in the early days for being unsafe and there were countless reports of fraud and theft. A lot of time and effort has since been put into the creation of a security system that truly keeps unwanted third parties from accessing accounts and stealing winnings. These days, it would be considered more than foolhardy to play at a casino that doesn’t offer SSL Encryption – this is the tech that will keep you safe.


The technology used to enable gamification has been a game changer for online casinos. With gamification, the casinos can offer a more immersive experience that encourages players to remain loyal. Players can earn loyalty points, compete against each other to get to the top of leader boards and take part in tournaments, among other things. We see more and more casinos moving away from the traditional VIP programme and implementing gamification because it’s more fun and more inclusive. Players can earn instant rewards in the form of bonuses and cash prizes as soon as they join the casino instead of having to spend a fortune in order to be considered a VIP. And the bonuses are usually pretty awesome; check out https://new-casino.ca/bonus to get the low down on the best new casino bonuses and you’ll soon see why players are jumping at the chance to get their hands on them.

Mobile Casinos

It didn’t take long for software developers to realise that mobile gameplay was the future of online gaming. At first, we saw online casinos creating mobile apps for players to use on their phone or tablet. These apps housed a smaller selection of games but were designed to function beautifully. Nowadays, software developers utilise HTML5 technology in order for their sites and their games to be fully mobile compatible. Players can now access their favourite casino directly via the browser on their device. Any casino or game developer not utilising HTML5 technology is unlikely to last very long in the mobile-centric society in which we live.

The Future

The words on everybody’s lips are ‘Virtual Reality’ and that’s because VR no longer seems like a pipe dream. The technology is already here, we’re just waiting patiently for software developers to get to grips with it and start producing casino games that really do offer an immersive experience like no other. Live casino games have taken us halfway there by giving us real games in real time with the use of HD-cameras and super-fast streaming – but virtual reality is likely to leave live casino in the shade. We can’t wait to see how the application of this mind-blowing tech and we’re sure you’re excited too; stay tuned!

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