28th May2019

How Online Games Remain Innovative

by James Smith


We are currently in the golden age of gaming. You can transport yourself to any world you could think of and any period in history; step into the shoes of someone completely different from yourself. Thanks to ever-improving technology, VR is becoming all the more common amongst gamers. With all this competition from these types of games, how do online games remain so innovative? Let’s take a look.


One reason why online games remain innovative is that they pick amazing themes and concepts. The most memorable games on the internet often have incredibly memorable concepts. Take, for example, the popular flash quiz ‘The Impossible Quiz’. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing game but it has intrigued people for years.
Other games make use of pop culture, as these games can be extremely intricate and detailed. Take, for example, the slot game based around the TV show Game of Thrones. It has many of the same icons and details as the show. You could also take the example of Afterlife: Inferno; a beautiful game which has many of the well-known icons from the classic tale Dante’s Inferno. The level of detail in these games is truly incredible and it shows that the developers put as much research and thought into their games as anyone else in the wider gaming industry.

Fun Features

Another reason why online games manage to attract new customers is through their innovative gameplay. The long-standing Papa Louie game series from Flipline Studios have not changed much graphically but content-wise, they have come up with something new for every single game in their series. This has helped to add to their popularity ten-fold as you know that when you click on a game from Flipline it is going to be a mix of familiar (if you have played their games before, of course), and new exciting things to discover.

Other online games take the features and game mechanics which are loved by the public and give them new twists. Just take a look at some of the top slots by Yggdrasil Gaming to clearly find these innovations; yggdrasil are experts at adding something extra which makes things a little different. For example, instead of one set of free spins, they may introduce multiple sets of free spins which are all unlocked in different ways. They may even switch things up and put the free spins and win multipliers in your hands so you can decide how you want to best play the game. When it comes to innovation and keeping the game feeling fresh, they really know what they are doing.


Online games may not always have the team behind them like a game which emerges from a big studio but that does not mean that they are any less innovative. In fact, one could almost argue that they are more innovative as they frequently have to work with smaller budgets and more limitations than a big game studio. If you have discounted online games for being boring, perhaps it is high time that you gave them another look.

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