18th Apr2019

Why Do We Love Heist Films?

by James Smith


Most people would never dream of planning a robbery in their life. We are all quite content to live law-abiding lives and yet we consistently love to sit down and watch a heist film. Why is this the case? Let’s take a deeper look.

A Long History

We have been enjoying heist films ever since The Great Train Robbery, a black and white 12-minute heist from 1903. Whether it is the thrill of the escape through the streets of Turin in The Italian Jobor watching Tom Cruise suspend himself from the ceiling in Mission Impossible, we love to watch a heist go right. We have been watching heists on the silver screen for over one hundred years and the best heist films regularly top the box office for weeks at a time.

Everyone Loves the Underdog

One reason why we love heist films so much is that they regularly show us some sort of underdog with the main characters. A typical heist plot shows something going wrong and sets them up to redeem themselves over the course of the rest of the film. Audiences love this and cannot wait to see them succeed. When you include the fact that most of the time the teams are targeting greedy corporations, crime syndicates like the Mafia or someone else in an unjust position of power, we are forced to view the ones committing the actual crime of theft as the good guys. It is an amazing piece of psychology as we find ourselves rooting for the criminals to pull off their plans.

Action for Everyone

If you are searching for a film genre which could appeal to everyone, it is the heist film. There really are as many different heist films as there are slots at an online casino and believe it or not, there are even Slots based off this genre such as the game Wild Wild West: The Great train Heist. You will find one to suit, no matter what your tastes are. Want to watch women outsmarting everyone around them? Try Ocean’s 8. For twists and turns, you will want to see The Usual Suspects. The genre is so popular that even big blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War and Inception have been described as heist films amongst their other tropes all jostling for attention.

Heist films are rare as they are really can appeal to everyone. Even those who don’t usually like action films are going to laugh or clutch the edge of their seat as they wait for things to play out. What more could a moviegoer ask for?

Part of It All

It is clear to see why we all enjoy heist films so much; they make us feel like we are part of the action. Whether we are watching the plans unfold and trying to work out what comes next or we are cheering as our heroes pull off a daring escape, it cannot be denied that we love what we are watching. The heist genre has been around for over a century and we are certain that it is not going to die down in popularity any time soon.

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