12th Mar2019

Studying Around a Freelance Career

by James Smith


Once you start working as a freelancer, you may feel that you are on the straight and narrow path of career progression. The opportunity to study seems way behind you. But it’s important to remember that life doesn’t have to take a strict path of studying and then pursuing a career. Instead, you can engage with both study and work at the same time. Colleges are becoming increasingly flexible and are consistently providing new opportunities that make studying more accessible to potential students who may not be able to dedicate all of their time to an unpaid course. So, let’s take a moment to understand why you might want to study as a freelancer and how you can go about achieving this!

Why Study?

So, you already have clients and you are already being paid for your work. Why would you want to study? Well, it’s important to bear in mind that studying isn’t solely for the sake of securing a particular career and it doesn’t just provide you with something to put on your resume. Studying can significantly improve your skills in a particular area, making you more desirable when clients are looking at your credentials. It can help to improve your work. It can also help you to network with professionals in the field, as you will meet professors and other students in the process who could prove to be brilliant contacts down the line.

Study Online

Perhaps the most logical and effective means of studying around freelance work is to sign up to an online mba program. Studying online means that you don’t necessarily have to be anywhere at any given time. You can watch lectures and read course material at times that are more suitable to you. If you have paid work to complete in the day, you can complete your studies in the evening, on your breaks, or early in the morning before you commence work for your clients. You could also carry out work on weekends when you have more time on your hands. Studying online provides you with the utmost flexibility. Just make sure that you manage your time effectively so that you don’t miss deadlines for paid work or your college work.

Study Part Time

If you really want the college experience of heading to campus, sitting in lectures, participating in seminars, and engaging with your lecturers on a face to face basis, there are options. Studying part time instead of full time is one of them. Now, you will have to make your freelancing more flexible for the sake of this, but it can be done! When you study part time, you generally undertake half of the amount of modules that full time students do each year. Consequently, the course will take twice as long to complete.

As you can see, studying isn’t just for eighteen year olds who have just left compulsory education. It is becoming a more easily accessible option for more and more of us! So, if you’re freelancing, why not take this option into consideration? It could greatly benefit you in the long run!

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