07th Feb2019

Fibonacci Roulette System. Does It Work?

by James Smith


Roulette has been around since the sixteenth century after its invention by the French scientist Blaise Pascal. The game has only grown popular with time and seen a Single Zero roulette type come to rise, branching from the original Double Zero option in the eighteenth century.

When playing roulette, all punters are required to do is place their wagers on the number they think the ball will land after each spin. The playing strategy is quite simple in comparison to those of others that fall in the table games category. Even with such a level of simplicity, gamblers are accorded some wiggle room that they can use to influence the odds in their favour; this is aided by the fact that the game accommodates an array of bet types along with large wager limits that can go as high as 250 000 dollars per round. Time has seen numerous enthusiasts of the game come up with different methods of play to make use of the winning streaks that come by, and among the best roulette strategies is the Fibonacci System.

What Is the Fibonacci System?

The Fibonacci system is a series of numbers stringed together, each number being the value of the two previous numbers added together. For instance, if the first number of a sequence is 1, the second one will be 1, the third 2, the fourth 3, the fifth 5, the sixth 8, and so on and so forth. This sequence is the invention of the scientist Leonardo Fibonacci who lived in the years between 1170 and 1250. This system is found in both math and science, and it is used to explain the nature of the world we live in. Like nature, the Fibonacci System is a fusion of both simplicity and complexity, an element that has made it hard for the question “why it is” to be answered to date.
When it was first introduced, this number series was used to see how rabbits reproduced. It was later introduced to the technological fields where it is usually showcased in a group of correspondent rectangles that apply the golden ratio. Once roulette was introduced to the gaming scene, Fibonacci stood as one of the many ways gamblers can exploit the chances of winning since it consisted of both math and results determined by natural occurrences.

Use of the Fibonacci System in Roulette

When playing roulette, players using the Fibonacci system are advised to increase their bets using the order dictated in the sequence with every loss that is encountered. Once a win comes by, the gamer can choose to either move back in the sequence by two numbers or to the original stake that was placed; the former is the most advisable. Unlike other areas of nature where the use of this system is employed, roulette does not demand that the first number be one. For instance, players can start with the stake of three, which will make the next number three again, followed by six, nine, fifteen, twenty-eight, and so on. When using this betting strategy, players are advised to:

  • Start at the lowest number possible to ensure that players exploit their bankroll and winning streaks to the maximum capacity. Due to the continuous increment in the bets that are placed when losses are incurred, players will be spending money that they have yet to get back. Therefore, starting small allows the amount to stretch for as long as possible.
  • Have a moderate to huge bankroll. This element is also influenced by the continuous rise in the bets placed per round. When the bankroll is big, gamblers can be sure to attain higher numbers in the sequence rather than having the amount run out before they can get returns to cover their losses.
  • Place bets on stakes that pay one to one such as colour, parity, and high or low. These outside bets usually have the highest chances of being landed than all others even though the payouts granted are the lowest. In European Roulette, these stakes feature winnings of 48.6% while the American version offers winning odds of 47.4%.
  • Play the European over the American version of the game. It is always recommended to choose European Roulette over American one since the former offers better odds of winning than the latter. In some European versions where the La Partage rule is applied, the house edge can drop to as low as 1.35%.
  • Understand that the winning odds remain the same. The Fibonacci roulette betting only allows gamblers to take full advantage of winnings when they come by but does nothing to alter the results of each spin. The game where the system is applied still depends on a chance for the results it produces.

Upsides of the Fibonacci Roulette Betting System

The fact that the Fibonacci System is a popular choice with most gamblers is an indicator that it has managed to award a good number of them with the desired results. Some of the upsides of this staking strategy include:

  • Safety
    The Fibonacci betting system is considered among the safest when playing roulette; this is because it only increases the bet placed by a fraction of what was staked earlier after losses and results in profits even when losses are more.
  • Ease of use
    Following the Fibonacci system is easy since all one is required to do is keep track of continuous values and apply some simple adding math.

When using this mode of gambling when playing roulette, it is advisable to choose a gaming site that has high betting limits to allow gamblers to add their bets without reaching the maximum limit too soon.

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