28th Dec2018

Britt’s Ten Best: Video Games of 2018

by Britt Roberts


2018 has been, yet again, another fantastic year for video games – from both AAA release to independent releases, across a myriad of formats, gaming has had a really great year. And so has Nerdly when it comes to video games, we’ve really hit a stride when it comes to covering games – Switch games in particular – thanks to our writers Rupert, Matt and Britt who’ve gone gangbusters when it comes to gaming… With that in mind, here’s Britt’s Top 10 Video Games of 2018:

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

“A wonderfully modern take on a classic series”

A legendary series returns with a grand new adventure! Enjoy a colorful action-adventure game made alongside Ryuichi Nishizawa, creator of the original Wonder Boy in Monster World series.Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom borrows the best from the classic series to deliver a fresh, modern adventure with fun gameplay, memorable music and gorgeous hand drawn animations. Can Jin save Monster World Kingdom? Help our young hero defeat challenging enemies, discover hidden locations, upgrade powerful equipment, and more! You’ll also unlock special forms with unique skills used to open new paths where mighty bosses and secret treasures await.

Genital Jousting

“The story mode was one of my favourite surprises of 2018”

Play as John, a dick who wants to find a date for his high school reunion. He’ll need some help along the way. He’s wobbly, he’s soft. But he wants to be hard. So very hard. He wants to show everyone his astounding rigidity. And with your help, that’s exactly what he’ll do.


“A dark, Lynchian trip from an auteur. Unique, bizarre and stayed with me long after the credits rolled”

Beckett is a powerful, BAFTA-winning work of fiction by Simon Meek that will make you question what it is to exist. Experience the disturbing story of an ageing private investigator who is hired to find a young man suffering from a reality-altering illness. But whose reality is this?

Death Road to Canada

“Adored this, the only thing missing was 4-player local co-op”

Control a car full of jerks as they explore cities, recruit weird people, rescue dogs, argue with each other, and face gigantic swarms of slow zombies. Randomly generated for a new story and rare events every time you play!

Ghost V1.0

“A Metroidvania title with a neat story and well-written jokes to break up the cyberpunk action, can’t wait for V2.0”

A mysterious agent, capable of becoming a digital ghost, sneaks aboard the Nakamura Space Station. This is where the fun begins: the station is well-protected with its heavy defences, never-ending arsenal of weapons, and mysterious artifacts. It will all have to be destroyed.

The Gardens Between

“A touching tale that illustrates that not all stories need to be epic in scope to have an impact”

Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with everyday objects from their childhood. Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship: the memories they’ve built, what must be let go, and what should never be left behind. Lost in a mysterious realm where cause and effect are malleable, the friends find that time flows in all directions. Manipulate time to solve puzzles and reach the apex of each isle. Follow the duo as they unpack and explore their significant moments spent together, lighting up constellations and illuminating threads of a bittersweet narrative.

Lamplight City

“A great example of what a pixel art, graphic adventure can be, the developer is an awesome guy, to boot. It may not have got me onto neat gin but I can now pronounce Cholmondeley with not a doubt in my mind”

The Gateway to Vespuccia, the City of Air and Light, Lamplight City – the thriving port city of New Bretagne is a beacon of progress and industrial advancement in the New World. Yet beneath the promises of a shining 19th-century future, the city rests upon foundations of poverty, class struggle, and crime. For police detective turned private investigator Miles Fordham, Lamplight City’s shadowy corners are just part of the territory. But with his former partner constantly speaking to him from beyond the grave, his grip on sanity is slowly loosening. Can Miles find justice for his clients and track down his partner’s killer before his entire world comes apart? Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in an alternate steampunk-ish “Victorian” past.


“A mash-up of Hellboy and Ghostbusters combined with a well-told story delivered in a point and click shaped package that kept me enthralled throughout”

A demon has possessed you and used your body to tear a swath of bloodshed through New York. You are now free, but life as you knew it is over. Your only path forward is joining the Unavowed – an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. No matter what the cost.

Mother Russia Bleeds

“Messy, acid-trippy, 4-player brawling gold. THERE’S A TWITCHER!”

An old-fashioned beat ’em up with big doses of adrenaline and trippiness, somewhere between the classic style of Streets of Rage and the ultra-violence of Hotline Miami. Set in a cold, ruthless Soviet Union, Mother Russia Bleeds aims to conjure up anxiety, unease, and drug-addled frenzy.


“I have such a soft spot for games that hail from Eastern Europe, they always seem to have their own vibe and although Elex definitely has its flaws (mainly involving the combat), I still spent sixty enjoyable hours with this in 2018 and always look forward to new arrivals from the studio”

The RPG with a vast open world ties two popular settings together: Fantasy and Science Fiction. In the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan, players will encounter magic-using, sword-slinging Berserkers. Or Outlaws packed with shotguns, grenades and flamethrowers. And, of course, Clerics with their high-tech arsenal of laser weapons and giant War Mechs. ELEX offers a huge, seamless open world, packed with quests and rewarding exploration opportunities. A deep character progression system allows players to create exactly the hero that they like.


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