17th Dec2018

The Impact of Young Users on the Offer of Online Casino Games

by James Smith


Casinos make a lot of money with table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. If you factor in the amount of money that sports betting brings in then that just adds to the massive profits. However, slot machines are the gambling industry’s bread and butter. A report done by the Nevada Gaming Control Board found that casinos in the state made over $7 billion from slot machines between March 2015 and February 2016. In that same period, table games brought in a little over $4 billion while sports betting made about $19.2 million. If you were to take a stroll through almost any casino, you will likely see that slot machines occupy most of the casino floor and there are significantly more people spinning reels than playing table games. You will also probably find that the majority of these slot enthusiasts are from older generations. This also rings true at online casinos where people love to play popular casino games on their desktops and mobile devices.

Times Are Changing

With the gambling industry’s customer base getting older, casino operators have identified a need to attract a younger crowd. Of course, ‘younger crowd’ means millennials and younger adults who can legally gamble. The industry must be careful that their products don’t target minors and there are plenty of laws and regulations in place to prevent that from happening. Many millennials enjoy the casino experience but a lot of them tend to go about it a little differently. They are simply not as entertained by traditional casino games as older players are. They are far more likely to spend their time at a casino resort engaging in activities away from the casino floor such as eating, drinking, and partaking in other forms of entertainment. While the casino industry still profits from this, casino operators would prefer to see those people playing tables games and feeding money into slot machines. This means that casinos need to offer games that specifically appeal to the younger generations and they are doing exactly that.

Theme-Based Games

Millennials quickly get bored with standard slot games which has prompted online and land-based casinos to offer theme-based slots that are inspired by blockbuster movies as well as slot games that offer adventure and sometimes require a bit of skill. A few years ago, slot games that featured characters from the Marvel Comics and Star Wars universes became somewhat popular with younger players but Disney ended up taking over the two entities. With Disney’s well-known anti-gambling stance, they let their slot machine licensing agreements lapse and those games are now a thing of the past. Subsequently, DC Comics took advantage and filled the void by entering into licensing agreements with game developers. Young people are now being drawn to online casino games that feature DC Comics superheroes like Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman. A lot of these games offer younger players storylines and challenges that keep them actively engaged for longer periods of time. Online casinos also offer slot games like Thunderstruck II, Forbidden Throne, and Aztec Warrior Princess which are adventure-themed games that are much more stimulating and engaging than traditional slots.

3D and Virtual Reality

Games that are based on popular characters and offer interesting themes along with entertaining movie snippets have successfully attracted some younger players but online casinos have something that is becoming even more effective at attracting younger adults. Virtual reality casino games are garnering a lot of attention among the younger generation and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in that area. Online casino slot games like Starburst, Rambo, and Scarface take the online slot experience to a whole new level. Even online casino table games are given new life when they are combined with virtual reality. Players can touch their chips, easily interact with each other, and take a walk around the casino floor to check out the action at other tables. Players can even throw objects around the room in a fit of frustration without the risk of being banished.

NetEnt is set to release Gonzo’s Quest VR and this could really have a huge impact on the evolution of online casino games. Gonzo’s Quest VR will feature stunning 3D graphics with 360-degree views that can be enjoyed using Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and other VR devices. SlotsMillion has already billed itself as the first virtual reality online casino while other sites like Mr Green are also making the shift. This type of innovation combines casino games with video games which are so popular with millennials. Speaking of video games, we can’t forget how eSports has created a fast-growing market that sees plenty of participation and betting action from the under-35 crowd.


Attracting younger players is definitely an ongoing process that will take time but online casinos are rapidly making headway. Offering online casino games on mobile platforms was one of the first effective strategies that online casinos implemented to draw younger players. Understanding and acting on the fact that younger generations have different interests than older generations is also yielding results. Taking advantage of technological advancements such as virtual reality is a no-brainer and could prove to be the key to tapping into this highly coveted demographic.

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