14th Dec2018

Why Gaming is Good For You

by James Smith

If you’ve ever asked yourself “are video games good of bad for you” and have heard conflicting opinions, then it’s time to shed the light of truth and say this once and for all: gaming is exceptionally good for you. No, really, there are no downfalls to gaming, the only thing that could be considered a minus is that like most things in life it could become addictive if you’re not careful, but other than that it can help you in almost all aspects of life. Here are 5 amazing things that gaming can help you with (and some games that you can play even if you don’t have the latest gaming laptops):

Get more grey matter

Scientists have discovered after extensive texts that a group of people playing Mario had in its entirety developed more grey matter during the experiment. Apparently using your brain to solve problems and keep up with the storyline of the Mario characters helped greatly.


Get smarter

In another experiment in which a part of the test subjects were playing Starcraft and others were playing Sims, it was demonstrated that you can actually develop your intelligence and become smarter if you play strategy games. It’s still not established whether the effects are ever-lasting or if they wilt in time if you stop playing for a long period of time.

Stop aging

Most diseases of the mind, of the eyes and of coordination that are related to old age can be kept in check or the overall health can be improved and some diseases even prevented by playing games. Instead of making your eyesight poorer they improve it, if you have Alzheimer’s they help you remember and so on. So playing Warcraft or even simpler games can have enormous benefits for the elderly as well.


No pain

Struggling with back or joint pain? Fatigue? Not in great physical shape? Wii can help you. By jumping around and playing pretend tennis for example you can help your body as well, not just your mind.

Stress relief

Who knew that being a slots boss could help you relief tones of stress and actually be more happy and more relaxed? Apparently choosing your favourite amazing games from Jetbull’s hundreds of slots could help with this. If you remember to play responsibly and bet what you can afford you can get some winnings and also have tons of fun, while blowing off the stress cumulated during the work day.

It’s usually not a particular game that can help you get to the desired results. Find whatever type of game you want from video games to casino games and everything in between and have fun. The magic will happen without you even knowing it!

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