11th Dec2018

Branding Slot Machines around Movies Can Prove Troublesome

by James Smith


Slot machines have of course been around for years, and whilst some of the earlier ones were quite basic in their design, those that you will find on gaming floors in all casinos these days really are state of the art devices.

However, it has been proven time and time again that a slot that boasts an instantly recognisable theme can often produce the highest income, and players are always going to be drawn into playing such slots time and time again.

Movie themed slot games are certainly not in short supply, and many designers and developers of such gaming machines are always eager to secure the rights and licensing agreements to allow them to design and then launch a range of slot machines based on major blockbusting movies.

There is big money to be made by the producers of films that do give their permission for their films to be turned into namesake slot machines. However, that can decision can occasionally backfire when one of the characters in the films they have granted permission to a slot game designer to bring out a fully branded slot goes on to object to their image being used on such games!

Tara Reid for example has taken complete umbrage at her image being used as a reel symbol on the Sharknado slot, so much so she is demanding a mind blowing $100million in compensation, claiming that both Asylum Entertainment and SYFY Media Productions permitted a third party company to use image despite her contact not permitting them to do so.

Whether or not her lawsuit that was submitted a few days ago will be successful or not, remains to be seen, however she is adamant that when agreeing to star in Sharknado she made a point of having clauses in her contract that clearly stated that Sharknado promotional material would not be allowed to show her image if it related to, gambling, tobacco, hygiene or quite bizarrely any sexual products.

Reid does appear to have a case if her contract does state the above, for there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that having her face attached to a slot machine reels as one of the symbols is using her image on a gambling product!

Over the years there have been similar lawsuits surrounding slot machines such as some of those slots that can be found reviewed on the newzealandslots.nz website, but this is one of the only cases I have come across when it was one of the star actors in a film that has objected to their image being used in this way.

As for whether she is going to be awarded that mind blowing $100million in compensation and damages, well I suppose she did have to put a financial figure on her lawsuit, but if she is found to be right and is awarded a cash settlement by the judge, I seriously doubt it is going to be the figure she is seeking. I will await the judge’s decision on this case with a great deal of interest.

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