28th Nov2018

Can the Lottery Bring Celebrity Status?

by James Smith


There is only one thing that can level the playing field between the poor and the rich. That is playing the lottery. As a matter of fact, anyone can play and win the lottery irrespective of how much money they have, who they are or what their background looks like. Celebrities too play the game of chance in a bid to feel the same way poor people feel. Needless to say, everything comes easily in their state of wealth and luxury. So they probably want to feel the same butterflies that a common man would feel as he waits for the numbers to show up in his favor.

A close look into famous people who have given it a shot and won

So, which of these famous people ever won the lottery as a result of buying tickets? Apparently, there isn’t so much info out there claiming how a celebrity won a monumental jackpot prize. However, it’s obviously a fact that many celebrities have won generic lottery, or small time lottery which come with small wins as a reward. However, most of these celebrities have never been lucky enough to emerge winners in the famous lottery games that we all know and love.

So far, there is only one celebrity who won big when she stopped by in Italy to buy 100 lottery tickets. She is the queen of pop, and her name is Madonna. She scooped the second prize, and opted to donate it to charity courses. She built schools in Malawi.

Therefore, whereas celebrities are having a tough time finding luck with lotteries, there are quite a few people who have won and became celebrities in the process. Unfortunately, most of them gained the celebrity status when bad circumstances surrounded them after winning all the money in the world.

The following is a brief highlight of people who achieved celebrity status because they won the lottery:

Jack Whittaker

Whittaker was the CEO of a large contracting firm at the time when he won Powerball jackpot worth $315 million back in 2002. However, this guy quickly rose into celebrity status after some weird things happened in his life. As a result, this reputation earned him a place in the list of infamous lottery winners.

Abraham Shakespeare

The life of Abraham Shakespeare was transformed at the blink of an eye after striking the ultimate jackpot worth $30 million at a Florida lottery. This happened in 2006 when he was illiterate and was having a difficult time managing this amount of money. As a result, he ended up distributing a big sum of this money to prying friends and family members. Unfortunately, he was murdered by one of his associates back in 2009 who was also a beneficiary of his money.


Can I buy American lotto tickets online and actually win? That’s the question that most people who dream of winning the lottery ask themselves. Well, it depends with luck but yes, you can buy tickets – at sites like Celeblotto. If you’re a lucky individual, then you don’t have to break a sweat to win. Madonna just bought 100 tickets instead of 1000, and she won. This clearly shows that it’s not always in the amount of money you can spend. Instead, it’s purely out of luck.

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