02nd Nov2018

How does DrakeMall work? A Mysterious Brand New Lootbox Website Review

by James Smith


Drake Mall is a e-commerce website that has brought in a new perspective into the working of e-commerce websites. As mentioned in the title of this post, it is, indeed, a perfect Lootbox as you can get fantastic items of the likes like Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S9, DSLR Cameras, WiFi Drones, and various others on heavy discounts. Who will not like to buy an iPhone XS Max for $50? Who won’t love to get a WiFi Drone for $2? Moreover, a Samsung Galaxy S9 at a price tag of under $20 seems unbelievable and too good to be true. However, there is a catch. You need to rely on your luck if you want to get these amazing products at drastically cheap prices.

Most of the people are questioning about the legitimacy of DrakeMall website fearing it to be a scam. If you are hearing from your friends or relatives that DrakeMall is not legit then quit listening to them and visit the website from your system to try your luck in the biggest online loot ever. The graphical user interface of the website will not cease from mesmerizing you and the amazing offers will, definitely, bring up the excitement levels in you. Continue reading ahead to know about the working of DrakeMall. By the end of this DrakeMall review post, all your fears regarding the legitimacy and safety of DrakeMall will vanish in thin air and it will no longer be a mystery brand as things will get crystal clear for you.

How Do Things happen on DrakeMall? What is DrakeMall?

Well! You must be thoroughly impressed with the enchanting design of the website. Your first step will be registering yourself by tapping on the ‘Sign Up’ button. Please make sure you enter a working email address as the same is required to receive communications. You can also choose to sign up through Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.


  • You will see various cases in front of you, each representing a different category of items. Please feel free to tap on ‘Open Case’ and check out the contents of each virtual case.
  • Next, for actual case opening you require adding funds to your DrakeMall Wallet. Good news is that DrakeMall accepts all standard modes of payments including credit card as well as through gift cards which you can purchase on Kinguin. There are DrakeMall gift cards on Kinguin which can be used to add funds to your DrakeMall Wallet. Even PayPal is accepted.
  • Once the addition of funds in the DrakeMall wallet is successful choose a case which you want to open. When you are checking out the contents of the virtual case you will notice a ‘Test Spin’ button. This explains the functionality of DrakeMall. Similar to a casino roulette you need to perform a spin among the products present in a particular case and on the product where the spin stops, that is yours to claim. ‘Test Spin’ button provides you with unlimited trial free spins to get familiar with the working of the website.
  • Please note that there are a finite number of spins available to you in which you can try your luck and who knows the new iPhone XS Max is yours in one of these spins.
    If you are still thinking that DrakeMall is a scam then you must know that DrakeMall has Curacao E-Gaming License under which it legitimately operates the wheel of fortune for its customers.
  • You can also check out the Facebook page of DrakeMall where often DrakeMall Free Giveaways are hosted. By participating in these free giveaways you can get your dream product, absolutely, free.
  • In short, DrakeMall is a real chance to get valuable prizes for the lowest price ever.

Didn’t Win the Product you wanted? Here’s how to proceed next!

So, you have utilized your finite spins and in the end, you got a product which you didn’t even need. Well! There is, absolutely, no need to worry as DrakeMall policies revolve completely around the customer.

  • In your profile, under the ‘Products’ section, the product which you have won will get listed.
  • From here, you can either exchange the product with another product of the same value or you can sell the product in exchange of DrakeMall credits which you can utilize further to open new cases.
  • Hence, the situation where your money has gone down the drain will never arise when you are dealing with DrakeMall.

What are some of the major virtual cases present on DrakeMall?

  • Smart Case ($99.99) – Apple iPhone XS, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy S9, Microsoft Surface Pro, Hoverboard, WiFi Projector, Apple Air Pods, Smart Home Hub, Digital Radio etc.
  • Apple Case ($39.99) – Apple iPhone XS/XS Max/X, Apple Macbook Pro, Apple iMac, Apple iPhone XR, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple TV 4K, Apple Air Pods etc.
  • Android Case ($14.99) – Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab, Bluetooth Speakers, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Waterproof Speakers, WiFi Drone etc.


Apart from these, there are various other cases like Rockstar case, Photo Case and even a Cheap Case which costs a mere $0.99.

Will DrakeMall Deliver at your location?

This is the question which many people might want to ask whether DrakeMall will deliver at their location or not. Good news is that DrakeMall does international shipping as well. All you need to make sure that you have a post office in your location.

  • For requesting delivery, you first require saving your delivery address under the ‘General’ section present in your profile.
  • Next from the ‘Products’ section tap on ‘Delivery’ against the product which you have won. Confirm your delivery address and you are done.
  • After shipping, you can even track the item by tapping on the ‘Delivered’ button against the item.
  • The point that you need to know is that delivery fee amounts to 5 to 20 credits and the exact delivery fee depends on your location, however, it won’t go beyond 20 credits.
  • Also, for international deliveries, customs are all yours to bear.
  • The delivery system of DrakeMall is not limited to one item at one time. In fact, you can place a request for multiple deliveries at once. There is, absolutely, no restriction on that.
  • Moreover, if you have any questions regarding the delivery or any other question regarding the functionality of DrakeMall you can always go ahead and contact the professional customer support staff via live chat, phone, or email.

Final Words – Wrapping Up

DrakeMall is a completely legit and safe e-commerce website with customer-centric policies. In short, you will never leave DrakeMall with a sad face and will, decidedly, come back again. Happy Spinning!

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