12th Aug2018

Why Aren’t More Slot Games Based on Best Picture Oscar Winners?

by James Smith

In the world of online casinos, many of the most popular slots are those based on incredible movies. One would assume that the winner of the Best Picture each year would also prove to be a popular choice for slot games to be based on. However, this isn’t the case, and only a few movie-themed slot games derive from winners of Best Picture at the Academy Awards. So, the question is: why?

Some Best Picture-themed slots have great success


We’ll start with what is considered to be one of the greatest games of all-time, The Godfather. Winner of Best Picture in 1972, starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, The Godfather now also has a slot game that features the Tommy gun, classic cars, and characters from the movie – which has proven to be a big hit with slot fans.

Then came Rocky, the story of the man played by Sylvester Stallone who rises from a dead-beat to a boxing champion. It’s an emphatic tale that has become an online slot game and an online scratch card game,  with layers looking to win big, just as Rocky did at the Academy Awards.

Span to the new millennium and Gladiator steals the headlines as one of the few action movies to win Best Picture. Starring Russell Crowe and constant Oscar-seeker Joaquin Phoenix, Roman general Maximus sees his family killed due to his loyalty to the former emperor and is taken into slavery. From there, he becomes a prized gladiator to work his way towards getting revenge. This exciting tale is the inspiration in general terms of the Gladiator slot game, which also grants high rewards to those who battle.


The Lord of the Rings slot game spawned from the epic film trilogy, of which only The Return of the King landed Best Picture. Unfortunately, the slot game no-longer exists, despite its popularity. But, there is a television series based on Tolkien’s world coming out in 2021 to appease desperate fans.

The fact these days is that there aren’t enough exciting and very popular films that win Best Picture. A slot game for The Shape of Water or Moonlight hardly sounds like the most entertaining of games. So, until there’s a thrilling film to win the Oscar, there may not be another Best Picture-themed slot game.

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