03rd Jul2018

A Look into the Future of Mobile Casino Gaming

by James Smith

The first online gambling sites emerged in the mid and late 1990s. In less than three decades, the online gambling industry has expanded so much that today, online gambling holds over half of all gambling revenues.

That is not all. While just a few years ago people could gamble from their PC exclusively, today we can easily gamble on our mobiles. As you can see, the online casino gaming industry has changed tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Having said that, there is just one logical question we can ask – what does the future hold for mobile casino gaming? Without further ado, let us take a look into the future of mobile casino gaming.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leading mobile companies have begun talking about AI technologies in their products a few years ago. At present, Apple, Samsung, and Google all have AI technologies implemented in their products. There is AI technology for everything – from enhanced security and power efficiency to vivid imagery, etc. According to estimations, in the near future, smaller mobile companies will catch up pace and introduce their own AI-powered mobiles.

For gambling operators, AI gives the chance to offer more personalised casino experience to players. This is possible because AI quickly analyses user preferences and is then able to generate suggestions that are most likely to appeal to the user. What is more, AI allows for better communication between players and operators.

Soon, AI will be integrated in mobile casino sites like www.mobilecasinohub.com. And when this happens, we will be enjoy a uniquely personalised casino experience. Not without the help of our mobile’s AI, of course.

Virtual Reality (VR)

As you probably know, everyone is crazy about VR technology. And it is still taking its first baby steps. When VR games become prevalent, more and more people will be supplied with VR technology. And once clients are supplied with their headsets, VR casinos will be ready to open.

While this is still but an idea, many gambling operators have already expressed their desire to become a part of the world of VR. Incidentally, devices that turn a smartphone into a VR headset already exist, but they are still in development. Once they are finished, casino game developers will undoubtedly launch a number of VR casino games. Then, you will be able to play, lets say poker, at a luxurious casino in the Alps – only you will be playing at home on your mobile.


Expanding Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is a type of Bluetooth device that works in relatively the same way as location services installed on mobiles and, even though it is arguable whether casino operators will embrace the technology, it still has the potential to transform the way we gamble. When beacon technology is enabled, retailers, for example, are able to locate clients and directly notify them of special promotions. To put it simply, beacon technology allows for direct marketing on everyone nearby the Bluetooth device.

As mentioned above, whether or not online casino operators will embrace beacon technology is still unclear. Nevertheless, knowing how the gambling industry tends to keep up pace with latest technologies and trends, beacon technology will most likely be included in mobile casinos of the future.

The Rise of Push Notifications

What are push notifications? These are messages which pop up on a mobile device and are sent from app publishers. As you might already have noticed, you do not need to be in the app in order to receive a push notification. Push notifications act in a wide variety of ways. For example, they can show you the score of the latest sports event, notify you of a coupon that is offered at your favourite shop, etc. Essentially, push notifications have one and only purpose – to draw your attention and bring you back to the app.

Online casino operators use push notifications to notify their clients of the latest promotions and bonuses available at their venues. What is more, with the assistance of big data and AI, operators can also send clients push notifications to inform them of a new game they might like.

Strict Regulation Is Simply Inevitable

In the end, it is important to note that the legal aspect of casino gaming is likely to evolve just like everything else. Currently, a lot of countries have a rather ambiguous regulation when it comes to online gambling. However, the situation will most likely change once new technologies take over the gambling industry.

In the end, it is clear that the online gambling industry is changing quickly. But it has been doing so ever since its inception. Nowadays, brick and mortar casinos are no longer popular. In fact, it is mobile gambling that is prevalent. And once mobiles become powerful enough to support all new technologies, mobile gambling might just become the only form of gambling.

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