21st Feb2018

Serious Prize Money To Be Won At eSports Tournaments

by James Smith


eSports is a phenomenon that has been rapidly growing over recent years and it’s still progressing at break neck speed now. If you didn’t already know, eSports is competitive video gaming, and this is the next big thing. There are numerous titles that are now played competitively, with leagues, tournaments and events taking place around the world on a regular basis and the prize money is absolutely staggering and these figures are only set to keep on increasing as the industry continues to grow.

There are currently well over 100 games that are played competitively and each of them has various tournaments that take place, as well as leagues and events. The top titles right now that not only have the most players and tournaments, but also the biggest prize funds include the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft.

Using Dota 2 as an example, it is by far and away the biggest eSports title around right now. There are said to be thousands of players competing on a regular basis, over 800 tournaments taking place and it’s estimated that the prize money is in excess of $133 million. This shows just how big eSports is right now and that is certain to go on to become even bigger too, especially where prize money is concerned. This growing trend is underlined by the sheer number of reputable sports betting brands covering these tournaments, and anyone wishing to place a bet on their favourite player should visit Betting.com’s vast directory of online betting sites for all the best markets and prices.

Furthermore, when you look at individual eSports tournaments for example, the money available to not only the winners but those placing in the top three, is always on the rise too. The ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 saw teams compete for a prize pool worth $1,000,000. It was a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament and it saw winners Cloud9, which consisted of 6 players taking home $500,000 between them. Runners up FaZe Clan collected $150,000 between them while the teams finished third and fourth bagged $70,000.

The Hearthstone World Championship of 2017 was the same too, with the prize pool worth a cool $1,000,000. Winner tom60229 took home $250,000. Runner up fr0zen collected $150,000, while Jasonzhou and Surrender, finishing third and fourth respectively, took home $100,000. It’s a far cry from when competitive gaming began and people used to crowd fund in order to put together a prize pot or players would be charged for entering and that fee would go into the prize fund.

2018 is set to be an even bigger year for eSports too. We’re seeing more titles being played competitively, the prize pools are always growing as the interest from players, sponsors and organisations continues to increase and there’s more interest in eSports as a whole. More of the tournaments are being lived streamed or even broadcast on television and this has led to eSports being recognised as a sport in its own right. You can even now place bets with online sports betting companies on who is going to win which tournament, league or event.

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