02nd Jan2018

Brain Power: Foods that will help you think smarter and play longer

by James Smith


It is important to keep our brains in the best condition possible, in order to function on a day to day basis, from helping us to carry out our duties at work to having some success when playing our favourite casino games. There are a few ways to improve the functions of the brain so that you can play games at your very best, increasing the chances of success.

There are brain exercises that we can use to improve our mental abilities as well as brain foods that can boost the different functions of the most powerful organ in the human body. The foods that help our brains could be the difference between success and failure when trying a variety of bets on Paddy Power betting.

Maintaining our concentration and focus are vital when betting, in particular on casino games such as poker and blackjack. Much like every other part of the body, the brain needs energy in order to function and it is through wholegrain foods such as rice, pasta and bread that we are able to continue to concentrate and focus. Sage is another good food source that is useful in supporting our brains’ ability to focus and concentrate.

Sage does not just help our concentration as it is also used to help the brain’s memory, whether it is through fresh Sage or the oil, it can help us to remember, which could come in handy when playing a number of casino games. Blueberries are another good food source that contain anthocyanins, which are largely reported to be the antioxidant which helps our brain’s memory. Pumpkin seeds can also assist in a good memory and they also have properties which can help to boost our moods.

In order to stay on top of the games, we will need good brain function, something that both nuts and oily fish can help with. Salmon, Trout and Mackerel are great sources of vitamin E, which assists our brain’s ability to function, while Almonds, Hazelnuts and Pine Nuts are the nuts that will improve your brain function the most. Having a brain that functions well will help punters to make a clearer decision when it comes to betting, which could be deciding what to bet on at a roulette wheel.

Tomatoes prevent free radical damage, which is a cause of dementia and can affect our long term ability to play casino games. Tomatoes contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene and this can help to keep our brain in top condition, allowing us to continue playing our favourite games.

Make you sure you are consuming enough of each of these foods to power up your brain to its maximum potential to increase your chances of success at your favourite game. You could always create a meal using a combination of the foods mentioned to have one meal that powers up your brain in all areas.

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