01st Jan2018

Legendary Ozploitation star joins ‘The Shinjuku Five’

by Phil Wheat

Set to film in Japan and Australia, The Shinjuku Five is written and co-directed, alongside Jasmine Jakupi, by Addison Heath (Mondo Yakuza, The Viper’s Hex) and stars Yoji Yamada, Saya Minami, Cris Cochrane, Tim Jason Wicks and Mondo Yakuza star Kenji Shimada. The soundtrack comes from Queensland based The Screaming Meanies, who have provided scores for The Perfect Nonsense, Mondo Yakuza and Stuart Simpson’s kung-fu short Dragon Force.

After debuting the poster last Summer, the Black Forest Films team have announced a brand new, and very exciting, cast member has joined the The Shinjuku Five cast… the legendary Aussie actor Roger Ward. Yes, the same Roger Ward who appeared in classic Ozploitation movies such as Mad Max, The Man From Hong Kong, Stone, and Mad Dog Morgan!

No news on what Ward’s role is as yet but the addition of such a distinguished performer only goes to show where The Shinjuku Five and the Black Forest Films team are headed. Up!



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