28th Oct2017

Tips on getting the ultimate gaming themed room

by James Smith

All gamers will know that we can often get a little bit obsessed by our favourite video games. Whether it’s obsessing over the finer elements of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, or even getting inked with a Gears of War tattoo, it seems that some of us are willing to spend a little extra time, effort and cash on our gaming endeavours.

And this is why many ardent gamers have seen fit to carry out entire makeovers of their gaming rooms in tribute to their favourite video games.


Unsurprisingly, it’s the continuing adventures of Mario that have played a large part in the decor of many children’s bedrooms. But it seems that many more of us are getting a few interior design ideas from the most stylish video games.

Obviously you’re not going to want to turn your gaming room into a particularly dark scene from the Doom game, but there are plenty of other ways that you can add a little atmosphere to your gaming nights.

Some of these cool video game room ideas show what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. Whilst a Minecraft themed bedroom might not suit all tastes, there is something impressive about a colour scheme that can be tied in with the whites, blacks and vivid greens of the Microsoft Xbox!


Above all, it’s about creating an atmosphere that helps your gaming conquests. Seeing as more and more of us are streaming our gaming on sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, we’re going to need to make sure that our backgrounds don’t show any embarrassing details.

As many of us play video games from the comfort of our own bedrooms, we’re going to need to make sure that we aren’t highlighting that new bed and mattress that we bought from Bedstar. And instead we’re going to want to show off our gaming credentials in the best possible manner.

This can come in the form of posters and merchandise from your favourite gaming franchise, but also think about getting creative with colours and themes from video games. Whether it’s doing a mural of the alien worlds of No Man’s Sky, or even painting the walls in the vivid colours of Overwatch, it’ll all add to the on-screen fun.

And if you really want to go further in disguising your bed and mattress, then think about how Microsoft’s RoomAlive can transform even the humblest bedroom into a living and breathing gaming domain!

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