30th Aug2017

Top 5: Best-selling Sports Games

by James Smith


As we wait for NBA 2K18 to drop on the shelves next month, we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane. Here’s our selection of the top five best-selling sports franchises ever made.


EA Sports – it’s in the game. How many times have you heard that line as you load up FIFA? First released back in 1993, the best-selling sports franchise in history has shipped over 100 million copies. From the pixelated limits of the first version right through to the slick graphics, in-depth tactics and popular Ultimate Team on the latest ones, this is a game that’s captured many a heart around the world. If you want to put your money where your football knowledge mouth is, it’s a great sport to bet on. Otherwise, check out the best casino bonus offers to try and spin up some cash in online casinos.

2. Madden NFL

Another offering from EA Sports, the mother of all American football games has sold nearly as many copies as FIFA. Named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden, the game has developed to offer sophisticated playbooks, realistic commentary and even a new Story Mode, comparable to FIFA’s Journey. The game’s also inspired the annual Madden Bowl, which has been held over Super Bowl weekend in the same host city since 1995.

3. Pro Evolution Soccer

PES, Evo, Pro Evo – whatever you call it, this is another beast of a football game. Rivalling FIFA since 2001, you’re either one side or the other, and committed gamers rarely switch between the two. Initially hampered by a lack of licensing – who could forget the Dutch Oranges and grounds like Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford being renamed Blue Bridge and Trad Brick Stadium – there are no such problems these days. Features such as the Master League and Become a Legend have always made this game hugely addictive.

4. NBA Live

Although rivals such as NBA 2K and NBA Jam have proven very popular at different times (who could forget “he’s on fire” and “from dooowwwntowwn”?!), the NBA Live franchise remains the best-selling basketball game out there. After taking a few years out, NBA Live ‘14 was a return to form. The latest iteration offers authentic action, slick gameplay and a career experience so you can work your way to the very top.

5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

We know that the last few years have seen Tiger Woods’ name dropped from the title, but for us this game will always be Tiger’s. One of the greatest ever golfers, Woods lent his name to the definitive golfing game. Even if you’ve never picked up a nine iron, or can’t stand the slow pace of the real game, this game’s truly addictive. That’s because golf is basically a game of physics and execution, so the gameplay’s more realistic than most sports games could ever hope for.

An honourable mention goes to Wii Sports, which has actually sold more copies than any of the games above. If you like getting up off the sofa and putting some physical work into your gaming, this is the one for you. And to Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, which taught a lot of us everything we know about street style!

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