22nd Aug2017

What event would you skip in order to play video games?

by James Smith

At one point or another, we’ve all found ourselves hooked to a video game. It’s hard to pry yourself away, especially when you’re at a critical part, or just another hour away from completing the whole thing. But have you ever been so hooked that you’ve decided to cancel plans with friends and family in order to continue playing?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone! A new survey has revealed that one in ten 25-34 year olds in the US have cancelled a date with their partner in order to spend quality time with their video game of choice!

The surprising statistic comes from a survey into America’s video game habits carried out by online hosting providers WestHost. It also found that romantic outings were not the only thing in danger of being cut from the calendar.

For example:

  • 43.5% of Americans have ignored calls in order to stay in and play video games
  • 15.3% of Americans have pretended to be sick in order to stay in and play video games
  • 5.4% of 16 – 24s have said there had been a death in the family in order to stay in and play video games
  • 38.7% of 16 – 24s have lied to friends in order to stay in and play video games

These stats make up part of a new infographic on the gaming habits of America, which you can take a look at below:

Gaming Habits of America

Provided by WestHost
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