15th Aug2017

‘Twin Peaks 3×14’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If there is one thing we’ve needed from Twin Peaks, it has been answers. This week it seems it is time to get down to business and get things moving. Which is a good thing as this is episode 14 out of 18!

In this week’s Twin Peaks, the focus appears to be on dreams. Gordon Cole (David Lynch) has a Monica Bellucci dream which may provide him some answers. Meanwhile in Twin Peaks Sheriff Truman (Robert Forester), Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), Hawk (Michael Horse), and Andy (Harry Goaz) make their way into the forest.

Twin Peaks in many ways is a world full of dreams, but mostly nightmares. This week instead of taking its time, episode 14 decides to provide some answers. With Cole having his dream, and Andy visiting the Fireman they are being pushed on a path to the truth (hopefully).

What is important though is to listen to what is being said in this episode (as well as showed, as is the case for Andy and the recap of Bob’s creation). The introduction of Freddie Sykes (Jake Wardle) and his strange hand also shows that there is a set plan in action, and that the Fireman is moving it along.

To me, the hand is interesting as it is reminiscent of Mike (Phillip Michael Gerard) the one-armed man.  It seems that Freddie’s strong green hand may be the key to handling Evil Cooper’s (Kyle MacLachlan) strength. Arm wrestling to end the season maybe?

For those looking for some Dougie fun this week, you are out of luck. We may get to see more of him next week though as the FBI now have the clue they need. It is interesting that Diane (Laura Dern) is the key here, with Janey-E (Naomi Watts) being her estranged half-sister. This of course is no coincidence, but it is strange that Diane would reveal this, especially as we know she is working with Evil Cooper.

This week we also got to hear more about Billy and what happened to him. While we don’t get to see Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) we get to hear about the man she is so worried about. It seems he is visited Tina before his disappearance. This is of course the same Tina that Audrey’s husband called to find out about Billy.

This week was serious business but we did get to see the further adventures of Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) which was quite revealing. Her visit to a bar and her subsequent attack of an unruly patron shows that she is definitely not who she seems to be.

What we see with episode 14 of Twin Peaks is in some ways the answers we needed, but of course in true David Lynch style, nothing is truly set in stone. We’ve been given so much information now that we can start to piece things together, but one thing not revealed to us is just how Cooper will return to his normal form. Maybe we should question if he ever will at all?

With so few episodes left now, I’m starting to feel confident that we will get some resolution by the end of the season. I do get a feeling though that David Lynch and Mark Frost aren’t just going to resolve everything for us though. We may find that when the finale ends, we’ll have yet another cliffhanger, and an uncertain future for a show that is never afraid to hide the true answers of whatever the hell is going on.

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic, apparently now on Tuesdays to make way for Game of Thrones. Though it can be watched on Demand on Mondays.

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