28th Feb2017

Iron Man Slot Game Series

by James Smith


Iron Man is such a popular comic book character, that one of the biggest companies involved in both land based and online gaming, that being Playtech, have designed and launched several different games that are completely themed around that character. You will find scratchcard games with an Iron Man theme and also a series of high action video slot machines each of which have Iron Man as their main central character. With that in mind and to enlighten on just how playable the Iron Man series of slot machines are, below you will find an overview of each of them.

If you do like the sound of any of the following slot games then make sure you give them some play time online, and by paying a visit to any of the many websites that showcase the best UK slot sites you will find out where you can play each of the slots listed below and will also find out how to claim some rather generous slot game bonus offers too!

Iron Man Slot – The Mark I version of the Iron Man slot is worth checking out for when playing this multi-stake slot game you have the chance of spinning in a set of what are known as Expanding Wild symbols on any base game spin you play off.

Those symbols are however only in play on reels 2, 3 and 4, but when one or more of them do spin into view they will grow in size and will end up covering the reel or reels they spun in on in wild symbols.

Therefore you will be hoping to get all three of those symbols spinning in on all three of those reels, for when doing so when playing maximum pay-line spins you will have formed lots of winning combinations! You will also find you can play this slot in one of many different worldwide currencies which you select when opening up your casino site account.

Iron Man II Slot – The one feature that does make the second slot in the Iron Man slot game series stand out is its uniquely designed free spins bonus game. You will trigger that bonus game once you have spun into view at least three of the bonus game triggering scatter symbols anywhere in view.

Once your free spins are playing off they come with something known as an increasing multiplier on which the value of all winning combinations is going to be boosted in value. As such you will be hoping that you spin in one of its higher valued winning combinations when the multiplier is at its highest to achieve a mega sized winning payouts!

Iron Man III Slot – The third and currently final slot in this series is of course the aptly named Iron Man III slot and when you are lucky enough to have triggered the main bonus game attached to this slot game you will get to pick one of three different ways to play off a set of free spins.

It will of course be up to you just which set of free spins you opt to play off, each of them do have their own level of risk attached to them so you can opt for a high number of free spins which offer a low variance type of playing structure.

If you prefer you can opt to play off a low number of free spins which offer a much higher variance and high risk type of playing structure! Just make sure you pick those free spins wisely when playing this slot!

Also, all of these Iron Man slots give you the chance of winning one of four different progressive jackpots, but only when you play them in a real money playing environment!


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