24th Feb2017

Interview: Billy O’Brien, writer/director of ‘I Am Not A Serial Killer’

by Phil Wheat


In his latest podcast/interview, Nerdly writer and Britflicks host Stuart Wright talks to Billy O’Brien (pictured above), the writer/director of I Am Not A Serial Killer.

A dazzlingly original, darkly funny and disturbing gem with a genre-bending twist, I Am Not A Serial Killer follows a small town teenager in the US, obsessed with serial killers, who unwittingly discovers the identity of the killer who has been slaughtering residents for body parts.

Featuring a star-making lead performance from 17-year-old Max Records, and an extraordinary turn from Back To The Future’s legendary Christopher Lloyd, I Am Not a Serial Killer is the most sheerly entertaining and audaciously offbeat offering since Donnie Darko hit cinema screens.

I Am Not A Serial Killer is out now on DVD, Blu Ray and all good VOD platforms.



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