15th Jan2016

Interview: Director Ajala Bandele talks ‘OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!’

by Phil Wheat

For the makers of the new comedy OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!, the internet became an important piece of the marketing puzzle – as co-star and director Ajala Bandele tells us.


We’ve seen quite a few horror-comedies over the years, particularly those that satirize the genre, how do you think this one is different?

“OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!” puts the characters in a position where they know full well that they are in a movie and can manipulate the different aspects of modern filmmaking to further their needs. They worry about things like plot, and unexplained back stories and continuity errors.

Do you write the jokes around the story or the story around the jokes?

Jokes around the story. For me, writing is concept first, followed by characters, then story. Jokes typically are just byproducts of real people reacting to a given situation and if the situation is funny then jokes come naturally. And when they didn’t I had Tom Hatfield. He could always find a clever, witty, or raunchy joke to fill a moment.

Do you have a favorite character in the movie?

AJ! He’s the best! Looks great in a dress! But if I’m not being a complete narcissist then I’d have to say Kyle, played by Nils Jansson. Hilarious!

Who designed those terrific posters?

The posters were shot by Drea Castro (GetDrea) and were designed by the ever creative Tom Hatfield.

Has the internet been a vital marketing tool for you guys?

Yes it has. Since I don’t have access to the same resources as a big studio would, the internet is the next best thing.

How important are positive reviews to comedies? Is it the audience that has the final say on a comedy?

Positive reviews are essential to everything. If no one finds you funny then they won’t watch the movie. And no matter how funny I think OMG is, if no one else does then its not going to do well.

OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! is available now on VOD. Check out some images from the film below; and click here for a look at another poster and the films trailer.


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