09th Oct2015

‘Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


When WWE defeated WCW and the Monday Night War were over the world of Sports Entertainment was changed forever. It also paved the way for WWE to boast about the fact they ended their main opponent. This is what they continue to do in WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role.

After the first volume it is surprising that WWE could pull this out to be even longer lengths, but they have. Rather than boast about how well they did during the “wars” this is their chance to go into each element of the Monday Night Wars and look at what took place, and where things went wrong. This makes for an interesting watch, especially for those who were watching the shows at the time.

While there is a focus on WCW in this volume of the story, it also looks at ECW. For those who have watched other ECW documentaries you will know most of what we find out in Monday Night War. It is admirable that WWE do admit that they replicated what ECW were doing, as well as funded Paul Heyman’s company to some extent. They also don’t hold back on the attacks on Eric Bischoff stating how he and WCW were trying to take all of the ECW talent just to keep them from WCW.

What is interesting about WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role is that this time Eric Bischoff appears at the end of each episode and gives his view on what he has seen. From what we see he doesn’t hold back on his comments, and gives a different view on many of the events that take place. It is interesting to see how there is a certain bias towards WWE making themselves seem superior, and Bischoff there at the end ready to shoot their claims down.

What we see in this release is exactly what we expect, the egotistical wrestlers given too much power, Bischoff making the wrong moves and Vince Russo making them worse. It’s also interesting to hear from Russo as he gives his point of view. The image you build up of the guy is yes, he may be a very intelligent guy, but he needs a filter. The worst of WCW when he was in control comes across as Russo being able to do exactly what he wanted…with disastrous results.

With WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role I found myself tending to focus more on the WCW side of the story because it is the most eye-opening. Seeing the behind the scenes politics and the business decisions that led to the end of the company show that really it wasn’t just WWE that killed the company in the end but the business side of things as well. I doubt the company would have survived even with more money, but I also don’t buy into the WWE script at play many times in this release.

What we have with WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role is a very interesting look at one of the most important times in Sports Entertainment history. Whether WWE like to admit it or not the competition WCW brought, shaped the industry into what it is today, and ECW had a part in it too. WWE may be able to boast that they came out on top, but in the end, the real winners were the wrestling fans.

***** 5/5

WWE: Monday Night War Vol. 2 – Know Your Role is out on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK now.

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