27th Mar2015

“Here’s Johnny” – A Countdown of the 5 Most Iconic Scary Movies

by Guest

1. THE SHINING (1980)

Back in 1980 legendary director Stanley Kubrick unleashed his iconic horror effort ‘The Shining’. Based on the novel by Stephen King, with plenty of artistic license being taken, the movie was yet another fine example of this director’s absolute mastery in being able to work and direct movies from different genres. Full of terrifying iconic imagery and sequences such as the twins in the hallway, the hag in the bath, the blood-letting elevators and of course the axe-wielding Jack Nicholson’s much parodied entrance through the bathroom door.

2. PSYCHO (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic slasher movie ‘Psycho’ is arguably one of the most influential horrors of all time. Another literary adaptation the movie was as shocking as it was successful especially considering its release 55 years ago. The movie was particularly highlighted by the surprising early demise of the apparent leading lady in the iconic shower scene and the even more unexpected finale.

3. THE EXORCIST (1973)

Shrouded in controversy from the very beginning William Friedkin’s directorial adaptation of the classic novel penned by William Peter Blatty was, not surprisingly, met with religious uproar. Full of notorious sequences including one notable scene involving Regan, a young possessed teenage girl, a crucifix, and genitalia the movie was banned in a number of countries and in some for decades. ‘The Exorcist’ is a no holds barred look at demonic possession which even after 40 years, and endless yet lesser monikers, still manages to strike a horrifying chord in us all.


Perhaps not as hardcore as the frights featured in some of other entries on this list but ‘Jurassic Park’ has still managed to provide plenty of thrills and chills for audiences everywhere. Steven Spielberg’s exciting action thriller spawned 3 sequels including this years release of the highly anticipated ‘Jurassic World’ and not to mention merchandise galore and theme park rides, which just goes to show how iconic the legacy has become.

5. HALLOWEEN (1978)

Director John Carpenter, often described as the master of horror, reinvented the slasher genre with the release of his 1978 shocker ‘Halloween’. The masked assailant Michael Myers is one of the most iconic on-screen serial killers in horror history. His unmistakeable image made up of a simple blue boiler suit and most famously a second rate mask of actor William Shatner. He continued his rampage for another 7 movies, and then re-emerging in 2007 and 2009 in Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the classic horror yarn. And incredibly ‘Halloween’ is the only offering in our countdown that wasn’t based on a previously written piece of literature.

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