24th Mar2015

‘Driver: Speedboat Paradise’ going mobile in April

by Phil Wheat

I’m a huge fan of the Driver franchise, ever since those early Playstation days. Of course the pinnacle of the series – at least for me – was Driver: San Francisco, a game whose combination of story and racing action is hard to beat (its easily in my Top 10 racing games of all time). So kudos to Ubisoft for not trying to top that game, instead they’re taking it in a whole new direction with Driver: Speedboat Paradise!

A free-to-play speedboat arcade-racer, Driver: Speedboat Paradise will be available worldwide on iOS and Android platforms in April 2015, with a true-to-life water and dynamic wave system. Which sees players embody a young and reckless powerboat driver in a quest for fame and fortune who is persuaded by iconic Driver character John Tanner into a mission to bring down the mafia.

As racers rub elbows with criminals and kingpins, they will learn to accelerate, steer and drift on realistic waves that change in height, power and frequency in real-time. While taking control of the most powerful speedboats, players will surf down, jump on and dodge waves to perform impressive stunts on ramps, improve steering skills to perform the art of water drifting, and collect nitro to give their boats an extra boost for the ultimate splash. As players progress through the game, they will compete to earn new upgrades, collect ship parts to enhance their favourite speedboats, unlock extraordinary powerboats, and give personality to their rides with bold paint colors and striking decals.


  • Experience the pure thrill of arcade racing – Take control of the most powerful speedboats and blast through high-speed races! Collect nitro to boost your powerboat, take the ramps to fly through the air and perform impressive stunts! And don’t hesitate to crash into your opponents to take them down one by one.
  • Become the best on the waves – Experience our true-to-life water and dynamic wave system to get the real feel of speedboat racing. Surf down, jump on and dodge impressive waves to take the edge on your adversaries. Master the art of water drifting and steering to win the final victory!
  • Compete from Miami to Venice – Enjoy a massive content with tons of races and various game modes, including a Drag competition. Visit exotic locations all around the world, like Cancun, the Bahamas or the Bering Strait, and enjoy various weather conditions at different times of day. And if you think you’re ready, join the Weekly tournaments to get unique rewards and show your friends who’s the best.
  • Upgrade and customise your speedboats – Browse through a wide selection of speedboats and pick the one that best fits your style. Collect ship parts while you race to upgrade your favourite speedboats and don’t forget to paint your ride and add awesome decals!
  • Speed has never looked so good – The team behind Assassin’s Creed Pirates outdid itself once more to create cutting-edge 3D graphics, with AAA effects and HD textures.
  • Leave your mark on the speedboat world – Immerse yourself in a dark underworld where badass drivers rub elbows with kingpins, FBI agents, criminals and John Tanner himself! As you go up the ladder, improve your lifestyle with houses and clothes to unlock even more insane powerboats. Meanwhile, enjoy an awesome soundtrack, selected in collaboration with Back Office Records and featuring the best of the French electro: Workerz feat. Etienne de Crecy, Bobmo…









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