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WWE RAW Results & Review (7.4.14)

by Chris Cummings


So here we are, 24 hours removed from WrestleMania 30, the biggest WWE event in many moons and a landmark event in many ways. WrestleMania saw Daniel Bryan defeat Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton to become the WWE World Champion, Brock Lesnar break The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, Cesaro win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, and much more.

The post-WrestleMania RAW has become a show to watch, often featuring debuts, returns, announcements and a rabid crowd. Let’s get on with this then, shall we?

The match results:

  • The Wyatt Family defeated John Cena, Sheamus & Big E
  • Emma & Santino beat Fandango & Summer Rae
  • The Uso’s beat Randy Orton & Batista via DQ
  • Rob Van Dam pinned Damien Sandow
  • Bad News Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio
  • Alexander Rusev squashed Zack Ryder
  • Paige beat AJ Lee to capture the WWE Divas Title
  • Cesaro beat Jack Swagger via Count-out
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H went to a no-contest

The show opened with the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, making his way to the ring to a monster pop from the crowd. He talked about becoming champion as the fans loudly chanted “yes”, “Daniel Bryan” and “you deserve this”. Bryan looked moved by the response and it truly was a spectacular moment in WWE and RAW history. Triple H and Stephanie soon interrupted the segment and Triple H made a match for later in the show between himself and Bryan for the WWE World Title. Bryan accepted the match and chanted “yes” with his title belts clutched in his hands. Epic.

Batista and Randy Orton are with The Authority backstage and they begin to tease an Evolution return. Triple H puts Orton and Batista in a WWE Tag Title match against The Uso’s.

The Wyatt Family, who might as well be babyfaces here, take on the heavily-booed team of John Cena, Sheamus and Big E. The Wyatt’s offence gets a pop each time they hit one of their opponents. It’s a shame to see Sheamus, who is a good worker, lumped in with Cena and other guys as just another badly booked guy. If he turned heel and updated his lame character he would be relevant again. This needs to happen. The match is the best of the night and exists to rehabilitate the damage that Bray suffered from losing to Cena at ‘Mania. Wyatt scored the pinfall over the I-C Champion, Big E, after hitting the Sister Abigail finisher.

Paul Heyman cut a tremendous promo as he stood in the ring beside Brock Lesnar. The promo was Heyman’s best since his return to the WWE a couple of years ago, and one of his best ever. Heyman talked about the gigantic deal of Lesnar ending “The Streak”. He talked about ‘Taker being injured. He ripped on the announce team at ringside. The fans booed and cheered in equal measure as Heyman did what he does better than anyone else in the business today. Talk.

Orton and Batista purposely get disqualified in the tag title match, attacking and squashing The Uso’s. This was due to Batista and Orton claiming to be too big and too good for the tag scene. More Evolution teasing here.

We got two debuts, one return and two hype packages for upcoming debuts on this episode. Paige, the NXT Women’s Champion, debuted and won the Divas title from AJ Lee. Alexander Rusev made his in-ring debut and easily beat Zack Ryder. Rob Van Dam returned to WWE and beat Damien Sandow. Adam Rose and Bo Dallas video hype packages were shown. I’m excited about Rose, his character and delivery of it, is awesome. Hope it translates to the main roster.

The Ultimate Warrior came out and talked to the fans for a little while, thanking them for their support. He got a decent reaction.

Hulk Hogan came out to present Cesaro with the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy, his prize for winning the big 30 man battle royale at WrestleMania. Zeb Coulter came out with Cesaro and took the microphone, claiming that Cesaro was a “Zeb Coulter Guy”. Cesaro took the mic from Zeb and said he wasn’t a “Zeb Coulter Guy”, he was a “Paul Heyman Guy”. The fans popped loudly as Paul Heyman joined Cesaro in the ring and aligned himself with the “King of Swing”. Jack Swagger then attacked Cesaro, opening a feud between the two. Heyman and Cesaro are going places, without doubt.

The show ended with Kane, Orton, Batista and Triple H attacking Daniel Bryan in the ring. Before Triple H could steal a win, and the WWE World Title, however, The Shield hit the ring for the save and laid out The Evolution Authority. The show ended with Daniel Bryan and The Shield standing tall and the fans chanting “yes”.

A tremendous episode of RAW, one of the best in years I’d say. So much happened here. Debuts, returns, epic moments and big developments. I can’t wait for next week. A new era is on the verge of beginning.

RAW: Best Match: The Wyatt Family vs. Cena, Sheamus & Big E

RAW: Best Talker: Paul Heyman

RAW: Dud of the Night: Santino & Fandango

RAW: Surprise Moment: RVD Returns, Paige wins the Divas Title on her debut, Cesaro aligns with Paul Heyman

RAW: Honourable Mentions: Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Cesaro

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