28th Sep2013

Frightfest announce Halloween All-Nighter line-up

by Phil Wheat


If there’s one thing you can say about the Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter it’s that the one-night only event has provided some of the most diverse horror line-ups to be screened theatrically in its meagre seven year existence – and 2013’s line-up is no different, with screenings of the eagerly awaited remake of Aussie horror Patrick, from director Mark Hartley (Not Quite Hollywood, Machete Maidens Unleashed); Soulmate, from actress turned director Axelle Carolyn (Centurion); and the first film from former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s new production outfit Slasher Films, Nothing Left To Fear. And as if those weren’t enough, this years retro screening is the awesome, and formerly banned in the UK,  Mark of the Devil, from director Michael Armstrong.

This years London event is scheduled for Saturday 26th October from 6.30pm and will be located for the third year at the Vue, West End. Tickets (costing £55) will be available from online from 9am on the 1st October… Check out the full details below, and for more information, including details of the nationwide all-nighter’s, check out the Frightfest website.

After this year’s blockbuster Film4 FrightFest in August – the best attended and highest praised event in our 14-year history – we are delighted to be announcing our lineup for this years All-Nighter which we knew we had to make equally as special. So climb aboard FrightFest’s Halloween Express calling at London, Basildon, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, Poole and Sunderland for the night of your lives – with the expected assorted deaths.

For starters you’ll witness the birth of a major new talent on the genre scene. From Axelle Carolyn comes SOULMATE, an atmospheric ghost story rendered in a sophisticated Gothic classicism about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown finding sinister solace with an equally tortured spirit. It’s a slow-burner we know you are going to love and we’re delighted that executive producer Neil (THE DESCENT) Marshall will be hot-footing it over from his ‘Game of Thrones’ gig in Ireland to present its UK premiere. Also joining us for this auspicious opening will be leading lady Anna Walton, star of HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY and THE SEASONING HOUSE. Both guests should make for a lively and in-depth Q&A afterwards.

A major hit with audiences at the recent FantasticFest in Austin, PATRICK is Mark Hartley’s brilliant remake of the seminal 1978 Ozploitation classic. No stranger to FrightFest Hartley directed the fabulous documentaries NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD and MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED. But PATRICK, the story of a comatose patient using violent telekinesis to express his crush on a new nurse, is something else – a crossbreed of Ozploitation references, thrilling Hitchcock suspense and scintillating Brian De Palma style, drenched in a gorgeous Pino Donaggio score. Easily one of the best remakes ever, we hope that star Sharni Vinson (who made YOU’RE NEXT zing) will be joining us for the evening to discuss this new direction for the Australian Film Industry.

At first you’ll be afraid, you’ll be petrified by DISCOPATH. But then the soothing 70s sounds of Walter Murphy, Kiss and the wall-to-wall 4/4 beat will make you realise that these murders on the dance floor are highlights from the camp cult chiller of the year. Join Manhattan burger cook Duane as he takes his Saturday Night Cleaver to the Seventh Heaven nightclub where the sound of Disco turns him psycho. Will everyone be ‘Stayin’ Alive’? And who will survive apart from Gloria Gaynor? Writer/director Renaud Gauthier will be joining us for this London preview and FrightFest’s Alan Jones promises he’ll give a bumper pack of his bestselling ‘Disco Discharge/Recharge’ CD series to the person he deems Boogie Wonderland enough on the night. So get out those white polyester suits and glitter boob tubes!

One of the best retro titles we’ve ever had the privilege to unveil. MARK OF THE DEVIL caused a storm of protest when first released in Germany in 1970, went on to become an exploitation classic in America (where it was given a ‘V for Violence’ rating and promoted with sick bags) and a cause celebre in the UK where it was banned for decades. Now you can see this eye-opening Witchfinder General shocker set in 18th Century Austria with every graphic torture and murder intact. Best of all cult director Michael Armstrong will be with us to celebrate the Arrow release and answer all your questions about his illustrious genre career from THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR (1969) to HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS (1983).

The movie that wowed Toronto’s Midnight Madness strand comes from that hotbed of horror, Austria. THE STATION is a creature feature that takes a shocked look at the ecological disasters caused by uncaring humanity as four scientists in the Alps discover a Blood Glacier high in the mountains with the power to transform local wildlife into mutant monsters. Take the hybrid horrors of THE THING and meld them with the siege tropes from everything between NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 and that’s Marvin (RAMMBOCK) Kren’s sci-fi bolt from the frightening blue.

Last but not least is we always knew rock legend Slash from the super-group Guns N’ Roses was a horror nut. But who knew he’d come up with such a terrific terror as NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR, the first film to be produced under his Slasher Films banner? This pleasing throwback to such old school horrors as THE WICKER MAN and CHILDREN OF THE CORN features great performances from Anne Heche and Clancy Brown going head to head to quell the Beast who rises to walk the earth via a gateway to hell situated in the town of Stull, Kansas.

It’s the best Halloween line-up we’ve ever presented so join us in our Samhain festivities in London and all over the country with the cream of the chiller crop, a great group of guests and the usual surprises FrightFest has become so famous for.


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