01st Aug2012

‘Stag Night of the Dead’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Sebastian Street, Rez Kempton, Jeff Rudom, Sophie Lovell Anderson | Written and Directed by Neil ‘Napoleon’ Jones

Dean is all set to get married in the morning and nothing’s going to stop the crazy full-on stag party organised by his mates. Not even the recent zombie apocalypse. Six guys, plenty of booze, a stripper, and Zomball – which is like paintball, only players get to shoot lasers instead of paint and zombies instead of each other. You see, with all the zombies around it turns to provate contractors to get rid of them and what better way than letting joe public blast the life (pardon the pun) out of them for shits and giggles. But what begins as a fun stag do soon turns into a fight for their lives as the zombies just won’t stay dead and the wedding party (and the stripper) must fight fir their lives if their ever going to make it to the church on time…

Obviously shot on a low-budget, Stag Night of the Dead more than makes up for the lack of funds with an over-abundance of imagination and in it’s cracking, funny, script. For a start, I don’t think I;ve ever seen a zombie film where the zombeis are hunted “Most Dangerous Game” style for fun; and in what is, I think, anoth zombie-flick first we get to see a zombie granny pushing a zimmer frame, a zombie on a bike, a zombie gets kicked in the nuts, and his nuts drop off; and a female zombie seduce one of the stag party by flashing her tits… before dropping his trousers and feasting on some man meat – literally! What also helps raise Stag Night of the Dead above its low-budget contemporaries is that it doesn’t look like a low-budget movie, and that’s despite a reliance on CGI for effects. Thankfully writer/director Neil Jones has given the film a grungy 70′s grindhouse look (sans print damage of course) which works to really make the film standout when compared to other shot on DV releases.

I have to say I did have my doubts going into Stag Night of the Dead. For starters it’s a low-budget British movie, which usually is a big no-no given my previous experience with films of this ilk. However I need not have worried – a funny script and some innovative ideas put SNOTD way ahead of its competition.

Stag Night of the Dead is released on DVD on Monday 9th January, courtesy of Left Films, and you can follow the SNOTD gang on Twitter at: twitter.com/snotd


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