05th May2015

Interview: Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer talk ‘Lost Girl: Season 5’

by Kat Wheat

Let me ask you… Zoie, I’ll start with you, can you talk about what you want the show to be remembered for? Like, what you most want people to think about when they think of Lost Girl. Zoie Palmer: Gosh, that’s a – it feels like a big question, because there’s you know as we […]

22nd Dec2014

Syfy announce new sci-fi series ‘Dark Matter’

by Phil Wheat

Syfy today announced casting of the new acquired scripted series Dark Matter, which will feature Melissa O’Neil (Broadway production of Les Miserables), Marc Bendavid (Bitten), Anthony Lemke (White House Down), Alex Mallari Jr. (Robocop), Jodelle Ferland (Twilight), Roger Cross (The Strain) and Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl). In Dark Matter, the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis […]