11th Feb2015

‘WWE Live in the UK: November 2014’ DVD Review

by Nicky Johnson

Last Novembers UK stay at Liverpool for the WWE came at a particularly tumultuous time leading up to Survivor Series. The Authority had just been told the week prior by Mr McMahon that if they lose then they lose their power, so they continue to set about building the most dominant team they can after […]

05th Aug2014

‘WWE Live in the UK: May 2014’ DVD Review

by Chris Cummings

Still feeling the tremors created at WrestleMania XXX and Extreme Rules, the WWE hit the shores of the UK in May of 2014 for a series of live shows, including London’s O2 Arena where, Hulkamania returned and WWE’s biggest names tore it up in the ring for the British fans. WWE put out these “live” […]

02nd Feb2014

‘WWE Live in the UK: November 2013’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

It’s fair to say that the WWE is going through a tough time right now whether certain events are to do with storylines or actual business issues.  With the release of WWE Live in the UK: November 2013 it allows us to look back to Raw and Smackdown back in 2013 before Survivor’s Series and […]

15th Jul2013

‘WWE Live in the UK: April 2013’ Review

by Phil Wheat

The official line on WWE Live in the UK: April 2013 goes something like this: WWE Live In The UK: April 2013 encompasses all the episodes of WWE’s television programmes recorded during the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour in April 2013 at the O2 Arena in London, England. It’s a chance for WWE fans to remember how […]