05th Jun2019

Wolverine Wednesday #26

by Ian Wells

Hulkverines #1-#3 Writer: Greg Pak | Artists: Ario Anindito & Guiu Vilanova | Colourists: Morry Hollowell & Andrew Crossley | Letters: Joe Caramagna The first issue is a dense but exciting read. I say dense because it packs alot into the opening and it has to as it is setting up a story only three […]

22nd Nov2017

Marvel announce ‘Weapon H’ ongoing series

by Phil Wheat

The Weapon X program has done it, at the cost of their own destruction: they’ve completed their biggest and most dangerous experiment yet, a hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine DNA known as Weapon H. Now, he’s ready to take on the world – and he means business. Following his debut in Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X […]

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